Alot of good parts on this bike from some good people

And alot more


  1. blackdeth says:

    the rear brake looks like its gonna become good friends with the ground!

  2. adam says:

    love the wrapped bars!but yes that linkage looks low as hell yo

  3. uknowme2goog says:

    bike looks nice…good work…

  4. The Flying Imp says:

    Nice clean bike dude. I love the bars and the strutless back fender. Great job

  5. bowdown says:

    looks kinda cheap to me. too many bolt on parts. and cheap bolt ons at that.


    We take them all GOOD/BAD/INDIFFERENT
    Bike has alot of TCB parts on it plus others and powdercoated tank and fender
    Polished covers and battery box/oiltank/DNA SPRINGER 21″ wheel
    Built for a guy in Virigina and very nice ride and fast
    Thanks again for the comment they help with the next build

  7. fanoboss says:



    You can see alot of my builds at YOUTUBE
    AT DADDYGCYCLES and hear and see this bike run

  9. brandon workman says:

    what is covering the bars and why? i think it ruins the look of the bike. looks like a pair of socks on there.


  10. rozz says:


  11. reynoldburton says:


    He’s a maniac, maniac on the floor
    And he’s dancing like he’s never danced before
    He’s a maniac, maniac on the floor
    And he’s dancing like he’s never danced before

  12. Ya that rear brake is gonna give you some grief. Maybe flip it to make it overhead and it would look pretty cool too!

  13. uknowme2good says:

    all jokes aside…what is on the handle bars and why??

  14. fanoboss says:

    @ reynoldburton, LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!! too damn funny .

  15. tadd442 says:

    I’ll try (poorly, I’m sure) to contribute to reynoldburton’s song….

    dee doo
    dee doo
    dee doo
    dee doo
    dee doo
    dee kkkk kkkk kkkk

    dee doo
    dee doo
    dee doo
    dee doo
    dee doo
    dee kkkk kkkk Just a still town girl on a saturday night, lookin’ for the fight of her life….(Apologies to Michael Sombrero, for butchering his song and his name.)

  16. fanoboss says:

    Michael SOMBRERO ! said. ” I regret to inform you, I ONLY RIDE AMERICAN IRON, HARLEY-DAVIDSON to be exact, and how dare you to sully my classic song for a bunch of NON-american motorcycles poofters who wear classy leg-warmers on their handlebars. 2 words E-GAD !”. Just passing the message on, I own a very cool xs-650 bobber BTW.

  17. fanoboss says:

    Oh yeah, family wants me to say, THAT’S TARHEEL BLUE ! fan of the bike, not a fan of most sports.

  18. tadd442 says:


  19. fanoboss says:

    ty sir ! LMAO

  20. tadd442 says:

    For the record, I own 3 XS650’s, a ’75 bobber nearing a state of presentability, a ’72 I’m restoring to keep as an example of how great they WERE, and an ’80 that will probably be cafe’d once the others are finished.

    I’ll get around to pic’s someday.

  21. tadd442 says:

    Keeping with the movie theme, and not to show ANY disrespect to DADDYG, I need to suggest that a bucket of water is dumped from overhead while the area is dimly lit with a spotlight shining though from afar.

  22. tadd442 says:

    shhhhhh ….can you hear that?
    Off in the distance….

    Dee Doo
    Dee Doo
    Dee Doo
    Dee Doo
    Dee Doo

    (too much?)

  23. fanoboss says:

    HAHHAA A! HAHHA JJ AAHAHAAHA, sorry, had a coughing spell mid way through my laughing at the BUCKET-O-WATER statement. Absolutely no disrespect DADDYGCYCLES.

  24. HAPPY DAN says:

    THe blue is pretty cool

  25. tadd442 says:

    The bars do look warm….

  26. So as not to missunderstand and to get it straight once and for all. Is a POOFTER: a big burly guy, sporting leg warmers & a ” T ” that says “HD FOR LIFE” whom has dropped his bike and is standing at the side of the road looking all confused because he can’t pick up his bike himself and now has no way to get to aerobics class or his pealer gig? Oh and was listening to the “Flashdance” soundtrack ect, cause I’m still just a little confused.

  27. matt says:

    Nothing wrong with cheap parts bowdown its tough building on a budget you sound like just another OCC fanboy

  28. fanoboss says:

    @ MATT,, who me?

  29. meneil says:

    Whats with the bars you know that sock comes off right! Just a heads up TC bros controls no bueno….

  30. Drew Rollins says:

    Does TC stand for totally cheap ?

  31. Bake83 says:

    I think it stands for quality on a budget…

    Looks good I like the springer. Nice to see a yamaha chop without a flake job. going to ditch the flake for a solid base color.

  32. Fabbastard says:

    All jokes aside,I’d be more likely to think TC after haveing a look @ at their site and Mr ?’s first build garnished with TC parts that it stood for “Total Custom, Truely Clean, To Cool” perhaps even “The Chop” but cheap I think not. If I could I’d grab a set of their forward controls so I don’t have to make mine cause the stuff they make looks tuff & damn fine, just like this bike!

  33. tadd442 says:

    TC stuff is top shelf quality.

  34. Drew Rollins says:

    I had a set of there fowards they are flimsy as HELL I saved the pegs though there nice . A the rear dropouts are thicker on my bicycle than on there weld on tail . I am a fim believer you get what you pay for ! And dont forget thats your butt on that bike . SAFTY FIRST .

  35. bowdown says:

    @matt, occ fanboy huh? not hardly.i know its difficult building on a budget. but i promise you i could have built something a whole lot more unique and it could be done on even less of a budget than hanging some store bought parts. i give more respect for hand built ingenuity not hand bought bolt on. for sure a budget build with bottom of the barrel parts.but if thats what keeps daddyg happy, so be it. but imo, its no different than occ, kikker etc. no disrespect to daddyg, he said it himself that he welcomes all type of criticism

  36. Drew Rollins says:

    AMEN ! Well put bowdown . Its not about his bike . Except for his brake arm no front brake what if he drags it and it breaks ? There has never been a time when i bolt something on i dont think about what ifs . I am just sayin cheap not a good idea !

  37. Drew Rollins says:

    My bike is on here . Take a look please .

  38. Slick Willy says:

    It is a nice looking bike, beauty is in the eye of the beholder… but I wouldn’t ride it until the brake is worked out and those socks were cut off and burned! And FYI flying limp, you love this thing so much and want to protect the builders feelings, order some parts from DaddyG’s and see if they show up at your door, I’ll never use them again, they suck ASS!!!

  39. The Flying Imp says:

    The point I was trying to make is that since choppers have been on tv this whole industry has become a bunch of flop dick yups with their noses in the air and now the homebuilt guys are falling in the fold. And by the way I dont order parts.

  40. Drew Rollins says:

    In the photos of my bike you will see a little barn in the back ground were my bike was built . I am as back yard as you can get . Sorry i think about safety and quality .

  41. zach says:

    I think those are the Biltwell Z bars (they have another name, but I can’t think of it). The bars come packaged with a fabric sleeve over them to protect them during shipping. It looks like they left the sleeve on even after install. Unique idea, not hating. Nice, clean bike.

  42. tadd442 says:

    zach, that makes complete sense.

  43. fanoboss says:

    this one just keeps giving ! lmao

  44. DADDYGCYCLES says:

    WOW you guys are FUNNY the Socks on the handle bars are covers so they don’t get damaged in shipping. But i am thinking that most of you don’t build and don’t know what the parts are. Sold 16 bikes in 2010 = 8 bikes in 2009 and almost booked out for 2011 so who’s laughing now I LOVE IT!!! I sent a bunch of picture and this is what they posted.Cheap parts can you guys give me the places you buy from because TC BROTHER/Biltwell/Monstercrafters/MIKES BIKES/XS Central /DNA istn’t cheap
    KEEP THEM COMING I THINK ITS FUNNY AND WE LAUGHED ALL THE WAY THREW THIS BUILD BECAUSE OF THE COLOR and the guy who owns it picked it all and IT WORKED because its putting a smile on all your faces and something to talk about
    KEEP IT COMING I WANT TO HAVE THE MOST POSTS and wait until you see the next one with a MONO SHOCK Chopper are you guys going to cut me up HAHA
    Go to YOUTUBE to see this bike go and no the brake doesn’t hit pictures make it look funny

  45. visimpact says:

    I like the bike overall. Its one of the better looking bikes that you have put together on here. The color is not my thing but when you put things together for customers its what they like. I will say however that brake does look really low like someone else said. If it hangs below the exhaust then maybe it should be rethought.

  46. Drew Rollins says:

    daddy , Bike was built in the little barn in a back yard . Ardcore did the tail cause i wanted it straight and i am not the best welder . Also i wanted a rephase motor so i had a pro do it anyone can do a simple rebuild .

  47. reynoldburton says:

    Sorry for makin fun of your socks, never bought some biltwell bars & it wasn´t my intention to drag away from the rest of your build.
    But at least you could have taken them off – just for the photos – if they should not stay permanent?
    Or in full consequence you could have wrapped up the whole rest of the scoot for not getting damaged by takin photos?

    Mememeee 🙂

  48. DADDYGCYCLES says:

    I sent in more than 5 photos and that’s what they put up. There are pictures of bike without socks but it got you guys to comment so i think it worked out. Those bars scratch up easy and the customer didn’t see fiunished bike yet so that’s why they were on and if you were a builder and had customers you would know what i mean. You wouldn’t want to pick up a bike and have marked up bars would you?
    Happy New Year

  49. Drew Rollins says:

    Wow daddy your the greatest . I ride with people with big bikes interstate riding 70 80 MPH . I am a big guy 250 lbs a little 650 motor cant do it . Much like you bikes you build . I would want to go go slow on that to . I go places different states i just dont ride around town . but thats what you build . I crank out one bike a year out of my little barn . So keep on cramking out you down the street product cause its awesome im sure one day it will be Big Paul , Jessie James , and daddy g soon on tv .

  50. fanoboss says:

    HELL YES !!!!!!!! I WOULD WATCH THAT T.V. SHOW, “THE DADDYGCYCLE SHOW”. Thanks for the mental pictures of the show going over the post comments WHEN I SEE MY FRINKIN’ DUMBASS COMMENTS !!!!!! ty Drew Rollins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. +-0 says:

    buncha fackin drama queens on here! the dude asked for good and bad comments, he got them. chill

  52. fanoboss says:

    @ 757rider, I would say 99% of the peeps who contribute to share ur feelings as well as myself. I should get EXTRA KUDOS FOR GUESSING THE COLOR THOUGH !!!!!!! : )>

  53. DADDYGCYCLES says:

    Man did i piss people off BUT if you are going to say something about someone elses bike you should be able to back it up and not have thin skin. I was just having fun with you guys and man you got pissed. I could give a RATS ASS what you think of my builds. You don’t work for me and i don’t work for you i just wanted to see how far i can push it until someone blows up and have a laugh and it worked. Drew told you had a nice build and good for you that you build one a year. I built bikes out of my 2nd floor bedroom with my first wife. I have been building a long time and there are alot of thin skin people out there and thanks for placing me next to JESSE JAMES but OCC come on . I would love to have someone come up to me and drop $150,000 on a build thats not worth it. Man i would retire. Well guys i was hopeing for 100 comments but i just can’t have fun without pissing people off and YES I LIKE GOOD AND BAD FEEDBACK i don’t have tin skin. I build because I LOVE IT and no matter if you break a broom stick in two and use it for struts or spend $8,000 on a build YOU BUILT IT YOUR WAY and some guy who can type on a computer should not make a difference.
    PS …..757 you picked the color and boy did it draw people INJOY YOUR RIDE and HAPPY NEW YEAR

  54. Chuck says:

    Daddygcycles, nice build!! As long as your customer is happy, who really cares? The most jealous people usually have the biggest mouths! Freedom of choice, isn’t that what America is all about? I can’t wait to finish my builds now. I want to do stuff to piss EVERYONE off. Maybe paint my bike PINK and Yellow!?

  55. tadd442 says:


  56. tadd442 says:


  57. tadd442 says:


  58. tadd442 says:

    how many do you have now?

  59. tadd442 says:

    76, I see…..anybody else wanna help? I think I’ve pissed enough people off for now

  60. tadd442 says:

    there’s 7 minutes wasted…

  61. DADDYGCYCLES says:

    Hey Guys really thankfull for all the comments and i am not a young PUP and have been in the motorcyles industry since 1970 and have owned a HONDA DEALERSHIP and three Chopper Shops in the PHilly NEW JERSEY NEW York Area.
    Built everything from Street bikes DRAG BIKES Dirt Bikes Choppers Bobbers STREET POUNDERS and there was never anything back then like this to post and show your work. I have been on ESPN on thrills and spills blowing up in a ball of flames on a TOP FUEL HARLEY and all in all i have more fun POSTING my bikes and just sitting back to see what all you young guys have to say. Back then you built what you had and used some wierd ways to bend pipe (trees) and weld (car BATTERIES) and get you RAT BIKE out there. So Again THANKYOU AND ALL THE VENDORS THAT I USE
    SAFETY IS ALWAYS FIRST FOR USE and we beat the HELL out of these bikes before a customer sits on a bike. KEEP BUILDING its a dieing feild

  62. tadd442 says:

    For the record, I like this build. (generally speaking) I just couldn’t help poking some fun.

  63. fanoboss says:

    I more than DIG THIS !

  64. tadd442 says:

    hey fanoboss…

  65. fanoboss says:

    Tad Man Dude !

  66. fanoboss says:

    The blue

  67. fanoboss says:

    caught my

  68. fanoboss says:


  69. fanoboss says:

    I started laughing

  70. fanoboss says:

    at the fans of .

  71. fanoboss says:


  72. fanoboss says:


  73. fanoboss says:

    SITE. : )>

  74. fanoboss says:

    @ tadd442, think WE will hit 100? lmfao, DADDYGCYCLES RAWKS.

  75. fanoboss says: this is a good xs650 ridin’ song.

  76. DADDYGCYCLES says:

    Thanks GUYS this has to be a RECORD HAHA!!! Even if you cheated
    I knew the color would get people to look at it. Bright color bikes always make people stop and look.
    My New Year started out with a bang and this really topped it
    OK now lets see who steals that HAHA
    Just having fun ….Wait until my new web site comes up soon these computer geeks are just slow and they say i can’t rush them for a good site. YEAH RIGHT
    Then you will see color and wierd bikes. Ever look at AFTERHOURSBIKES they just did a off the wall XS 650 and boy i would love to hear the comments on that bike. You think i build dangerious HAHA

  77. sean from boston says:

    i love the bike

  78. tadd442 says:

    Ted, just what is the record for number of posts?

  79. fanoboss says:

    DITTO what tadd442 said.

  80. tadd442 says:

    ya! ditto what I said!

  81. fanoboss says:

    Yes, DITTO DITTO and also I would like to say DITTO.

  82. fanoboss says:

    BTW DADDYGCYCLES, do you have to put on sunblock? How did you come to have “TIN SKIN” ? …..@ all the posters’ who have commented here, “THIS COLUD GO ON FOR A WHILE !!!!!” ROTFLMFAO !!!!!!!!! I AM FAN !

  83. fanoboss says:

    dam, COLUD should be COULD in stead. Serves my ass right to be messin’ with DADDYGCYCLES grammatical error .

  84. tadd442 says:

    ya, BanoFoss, serves you right.

  85. tadd442 says:

    don’t be a fumb ducker…..

  86. fanoboss says:

    HAHAAAA ! but alas, I AM.

  87. DADDYGCYCLES says:

    When you built as many bikes as i have AND I AM OLD!!!!!
    You kind of already been sued-screwed-tattooed
    So you roll with the punches and just do the best you can. You could never make everyone happy doesn’t work that way always find that ASS that because he is giving you money he thinks he owns you. I try with my guys to build a first class bike and alot of my bikes were resold for more than what they bought them for. Tough year for us in 2010 almost went under.2011 is going to be great. The only thing different from me building you a bike and others who build BETTER or just the same is i give a 6 month WARR. on motor. You blow it up and i replace it no questions asked. YOU GUYS are tough on these bikes and think you are riding a BUSA HINT HINT!!!
    YOUR NOT and these break. So i expect it to happen and just roll with the punches.

  88. fanoboss says:

    No Problem Bro, I’m a newbie. I just bought my first bobber xs a few months ago, and now I love ’em. I’m into performance and and strong lines of design. Dude your cool, and I have seen your bikes sale on fleabay. I watch everyone that comes through there and track them when they’re sold, sort of a market analysis. Honda and Suzuki bobbers LOSE MONEY !!! Harley and Yamaha are for sure money makers. And YES YAMAHA bobbers do better than Harley bobbers. Just watch any JESSE JAMES motorbike come through fleabay and watch all the NO BIDS and LOW PRICES they receive. Then watch a Yammy bobber come through with 10-20 bids to purchase. My point is this, QUALITY SALES, REPUTATION RESALES. I have been riding Yamaha since the late 70’s when i was an early teen and I would buy NOTHING but a Yamaha bobber and would LOVE TO SEE AN TURBO’ed SECA BOBBER. Jus Sayin’ LOL, TC BRO !

  89. fanoboss says:

    BTW, I live minutes from UNC and if I HAD to pick a blue pastel CAROLINA TARHEEL BLUE would be the one , LMOAO! (Old)

  90. DADDYGCYCLES says:

    The customer went to that school and that was the closest i could get out of the 5 colors the POWDER COATER had because we wanted to POWDER COAT tank and fender. Would have been easyer if i painted it BUT I always do it the hard way for the better look. GO TARHEELS!!!!! I guess its football?????

  91. DADDYGCYCLES says:

    Well i got some inside scope that there are some guys right now doing a kit TURBO for the XS 650. They came to my shop to buy a motor and pick my brain because i have done alot of turbo’s on Drag Bikes that came out of my shops in the past and found that alot of CAR TURBO fit bikes easy. I did a GPZ 750 and switched out the turbo with a DATSUN Turbo and went from 11 pounds of boost to 28 pounds of boost. Won a bunch of money racing it at the CABBAGE PATCH in FL during bike week and ended up selling it to a guy from Georgia before we came home for some nice bucks. But these guys are commetted to building a nice 5 or 6 pound kit for the XS650 as a bolt on and i am playing with one too but i want to see how far i can push it until it blows. I see some guys doing them but i just don’t know about crank and trans staying together . I have blown up MANY MANYMANY in my years. Put a bottle on it and less motor problems HAHA!!! I WISH THEM GOOD LUCK BECAUSE I WOULD BUY IT!

  92. fanoboss says:

    Cool, NOS is a choice, but the turbo sounds awesome. I’m still learning, thanks for the input.

  93. Drew says:

    daddygcycles…how would i get in contact about building a bike?

  94. DADDYGCYCLES says:

    DREW My web is down being redone and will be up by end of month or you can reach me at

  95. Mellow yellow says:

    Would have too see it for real but that rear brake does look like it is going to kill some poor customer. Must just be the picture angle I hope.

  96. DADDYGCYCLES says:

    GUYS thanks for all the good and bad feedback because if you can’t take comments you should not be in this business. Brake never touched ground when riding. But i got alot of comments on it about safety and next bike i will make it different. All of my bikes are tested and rode by more than me before they go to customer and my door is always open for my customers to bring bikes back for changes. Last year we built 16 bikes and only one had a motor problem. This year so far we have two open spots and not going crazy like last year gnly building 8 customer bikes. Building a couple MONO bikes that already getting feedback on another site POOR views at first but i think the finished bike will change peoples minds. We are doing two the one on EBAY and a GSXR rear one with 200 tire.
    Already did two from add and i think its a different look and much softer ride that some will like and some will hate. That’s why you post on these sites. ITS CHOPPER BUILDING Stop by the new shop if you are down this way for ROAR TO THE SHORE this summer. Had alot of fun busting balls on haters but everyones got there own style and COMMENTS are GOOD ADVERTISING and MORE business for the shop.