bad pipe frames made in luvgrinds


made in 例:東京都港区赤坂9-7-1 japan

engine:           750cc bore up

front wheel :   21wheel


gas tank :        one off  narrow sportsar tank

handle:           4inch z-bar


head light:       vintage fog  lamp electroline


muffler:          white paint and flames


metal wark:      cut and dawn  seat rail

original electric sistem and more


  1. Mike says:

    Woowww, watch out those pipes don’t catch on fire!

    Just kidding, sweet build.

  2. Geezerman says:

    Love those pipes !!
    Great idea !!!

  3. BIG JOHN says:

    cool head light, one of the nicest brats i have seen

  4. The Flying Imp says:

    nise idea for pipe. look grate.

  5. fanoboss says:

    I like the mirror, headlight and the front blinkers are very cool. Also I love the electrical looks very neat. I hate the pipes, but it’s just not my taste. Keep rockin’ it !

  6. Hans from Holland says:

    Sorry pipes are a bit to fancy, not my cup of tea. And wouldn´t last for long i guess…
    But there is an option to add color/ motives on exhaustsystems.
    Here in Holland we have Color Pipes, check their site:
    They coat exhaust pipes with enamel, can give great affects. Check some examples on their site, see: foto´s.

  7. Pipes look freaky!
    Rest of the bike rules.

  8. HAPPY DAN says:

    Way cool lookin bike nice job

  9. Don says:

    awesome brat! Is that an xs1 wheel laced to a 21″ rim? Did you do any head work with the 750 kit?

  10. reynoldburton says:

    Is that an xs1 wheel laced to a 21″ rim?

    looks like that – an SR 500 (drumbreak)wheel will do it also – same brakedrum.

  11. hooversama says:

    oh man, if those pipes were black……what a bike……

    those flames look like cheap stickers…..

    kinda like the fake bullet holes…..

    rock on

  12. sean from boston says:

    looks cool love the front wheel