Hi, great site! Just picked up this bike here in Norway. Had to have it when I saw it!! Hasn’t been driven in 20 years, Stood somewhere in a basement in Oslo for 18 years and after that 2 years in a garage.


Some of the electrics are missing like the regulator and rectifier. There is almost no rust, but the paint is damaged from stuff that have been laying on top of the bike. It has loads of cool parts, like the fork, backwheel, cartire and it is build really nice. Everything is thought over very well!!


My first thought was not to change a thing and leave it excactly the way it is, just fix it. But than again, it would look really good with a king and queens seat, apehanger, two meter high sissybar and some lsd-paint! This keeps me awake at night!!!

Well, I’ll fix it first, and let it grow on me a bit.

joe speedboat

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