XS GT Roadster


This started out as a pile of parts bought from a widow of a very serious XS devote from the early days. He was into the drag scene here in South Florida. I do have his methanol bike in the back, as it sat from the early 80s when it last went down the strip.


I plan on getting it running and rolling again someday when I have the time and funds. In the meantime I built this between other projects. I took the dimensions he had for the dragster but left the suspension. Punched out the motor, smoothed out the ports and spent lots of time cleaning, polishing and painting.


I have another build lined up but I promised my girlfriend that I would finish painting the house that I started 2 years ago before I roll it into the shop and begin.



Thanks to all the online support from our XS and motorcycle brothers who helped. Without them and the internet this would have been much tougher to accomplish.



  1. rick stoker says:

    agree on the seat. whoa. where was that made?

  2. Morgan says:

    Did anyone else notice that motorcycle in these pictures?

  3. Migustigus says:

    Woa.. So there is! but keep getting distracted by those perfect curves.

  4. Grease Nipples says:

    Sure to get noticed. How could anybody leave this behind?

  5. Rusty Nutz says:

    This bike is sure to be the butt of many jokes.

  6. Tebo says:

    Okay, Ron, for those of us suffering from A.D.D. (Adulterous Degenerate Disorder), could you post some pictures of just the bike? Without the seat (or seat cover) so we can see the stretch in the swing arm (stop laughing), or drop in the seat loop (I’m still trying to focus), and those look like some great pipes (awright, go finish “painting” the house).

  7. Drew Rollins says:

    I am sure the bike is a hell of alot cheaper .

  8. fanoboss says:


  9. fanoboss says:


  10. k brown says:

    does she have a sister/twins…great curves i mean the bike lol!

  11. Ron says:

    Road Racer comes next. Just as nice. Stay tuned…

  12. NIXS says:

    Thats a real nice rear end. I am very impressed with the…how do you say…quality of craftmanship. Her parents did a great job…I mean Ron did a great job buildin the roadster! Cant wait to see the Road Racer.

  13. rM says:

    Where’s the bike? I don’t see it…

  14. fanoboss says:

    I checked the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” box, that may have been a MISTAKE !!!!! LMAO btw WHERE’S THE DAMN BIKE?

  15. Migustigus says:

    So, Ron… Who is the beautifull lady?

  16. tadd442 says:

    Great lines….

  17. Sean from boston says:

    Looks like real Fun to ride and I like the color a lot

  18. Russ says:

    I really liked your updates on you tube -the engine stand-the cleaning of the engine – the streaching the swing -you have a lot of tallent-excelent looking bike…the girl too

  19. fanoboss says:

    Okay, can you give me a clue as to where this “SUPPOSED” bike is in these pics ? IT’S LIKE LOOKING FOR THAT DAM WALDO JERK !!!

  20. 6thof7thgarcia says:

    Beautiful, and the bike looks good too.

  21. Migustigus says:

    @fanboss If you lok at the girls boot, follow up her inside thigh, along that perferct thigh, to that perfect round daisy duke ass, then follow down the inside of her opposite thigh, you’ll see that it is obscured from view by what seems to be the bike.

    Leme know if you find it.


  22. fanoboss says:

    @ Migustigus DUDE, Thanks, now I see IT !!!! That’s a cool bike !!!! LMAO !!!! : )>

  23. Geezerman says:

    Tell her to quit smellin up yer seat and go finish painting the house herself.
    Lets have some priorities here !!!

  24. I think I like the chick even more then the bike!
    Sweet pictures.

  25. fanoboss says:

    I definitely like the girl BETTER THEN THE BIKE, LOL. Love the bike dude.

  26. Rusty Nutz says:

    I hope she gets help for her scoliosis.

  27. fanoboss says:

    It’s a broken back as I see it. I know that’s what I would do. Sure hope it ain’t dude’s wife…..LOL

  28. boots says:

    hot bike, hotter chick — what more can a guy ask for in life?

  29. Jason says:

    I would rather ride her than the bike!

  30. Sake'Racer says:

    i really hate it when they put their logo in the middle of the pic!



    nice bike anyway…


  31. rj from the ole school says:

    ” now thats what I want for CHRISTMAS,,,,a BLONDE BOOTED BIKE cover,,, only I want the Sandra Bullock model”

  32. fanoboss says:

    I really can’t believe this only has 33 comments…

  33. Dennis says:

    “Russ said:
    I really liked your updates on you tube -the engine stand-the cleaning of the engine – the streaching the swing -you have a lot of tallent-excelent looking bike…the girl too.”

    I’d really like to know where these updates are, if they are still available.