Took nearly the whole year to finish it. My homie dave and spitfire customs helped me out a lot!thanks guys!




Gareth Stehr


  1. Great sissy bar flourish. Nice bike.

  2. Rad Ventures says:

    Love the exhaust pipes, overall pretty Rad bike

  3. sean from boston says:

    its got a great look to it

  4. Bake83 says:

    I dig it!!! Nice lookin chop

  5. Morgan says:

    Best. Sissybar. Ever.

  6. Don says:

    I like the stance, is there any rake?

  7. max says:

    wow! great bike!

  8. Blackwidow says:

    seet bike I bet them pipes scream oldschool as you ride down the road

  9. reuben says:

    nice bike duder, glad to see you got it finished. got mine finished also… oh this is reuben, meet you at the swapmeet. (alabama)john tubbs buddy…..

  10. Ingwar says:

    looks well. I like.