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H&K custom cycle



My oldest son Travis Hooker and his business partner and best friend Justin Kline, recently started H&K Custom Cycles in Virginia Beach, Hampton roads, and Elizebeth City NC. During the day they both serve the City of Virginia Beach and at night weekend and days off you will find them grinding away to shoot out pieces of art like the bike they built for me shown here. Continue Reading →

XS Slim-First build 81′ Brat



Been around bikes all my life, this $600 craigslist special was my introduction to bike building. I live close to Garage Company Customs and had seen what those guys were doing with them so I decided on the XS. Those guys helped me out a TON and are a great bunch of guys. Continue Reading →

Gotta start somewhere-Terry cullen



My first 72 xs650 build ,found a girder frontend and half a frame ,ordered up a tc bros hardtail kit and bits & pieces.

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Chris-First Bike First Build



I’m hooked.

I picked the bike up for 500 bucks after wanting to build a bike for a couple years. I live in an apartment and am renting a 1 car garage to use for the build. The upside… it’s better than than the living room. The downside… there’s only one outlet, and it’s on the ceiling. It only took a day or two to take it apart. It took a year and a half to get it back together. Continue Reading →

Ju’s Bobber Project Part 5

Now to get some miles on & enjoy it..
Well the bike’s been finished & on the road a while now. So far nothings fallen off it, including me; so that’s a fairly good sign. It’s the first rigid I’ve owned & great fun to ride but by f**** you feel the pot holes. The foot pegs drag the ground on some corners but aren’t a problem so long as you,re in the right gear before you go around one; you’ll never have a cold leg either…
Otherwise it’s a good riding position. Finished it in matt black for simplicity & made in fills for the front & rear of the tank to get a better fit. Also, knocked a bit of filler out of it when this was done so I left the dents in for character.

Finally finished! Ryans 1979 xs 650/Triumph



I got this bike from a guy that had it on craigslist.  the ad said ” motorcyle for sale 650 on different frame” haha so I called him and went to check it out. I was amazed when I got there and it had tons of potential. The guy was older and told me it was something he just didnt have time to complete but he said he had the frame a long time and that it was from a triumph. He told me the frame was a 1952 preunit factory hardtail… Wether thats true or not I do not know but the stamping on the frame is old and begins with a T so who knows. Continue Reading →