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1979 “Miller’s Powder Coating” Show Bike – In progress



This is my 5th bike this year, not sure I will get it completely done to say it was my 5th bike completed. Anyway, 1979 XS650, TC Bros Hard Tail, FINKIN custom leather seat, Custom Bars, Custom Rear Fender, I have all of the tins off now powder coated in grannys smith green. Continue Reading →

Anodized Red



Built out of my garage from an 83 Heritage Special. A pretty typical build except for the paint which makes the bike looks anodized when the light hits it. It’s loud, obnoxious, and different.

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Justins purple xs650 bobber



Here is another xs650 bobber built by Justin from MI. Continue Reading →

Peter Razza TX 650



I picked up this bike and a 1980xs in CT in August. I had sold my honda in the begining of august and wanted to get one of the bikes on the road. Standard stuff rebuilt carbs, new points,coils, and almost everything else. Wanted to get running with stock stuff before I changed anything. Might have been I waste of $$ but thats how I think. Runs great with a stock setup. Continue Reading →

Jeffrey Bettencourts six fiddy



This is my second post by the same title, a bit of progress not too too much but hell its content. I plan on selling it so this post is a little bitter sweet but I will probably change my mind. Continue Reading →

Daves- Sex on wheels



Well this is the story…I pulled this 77 xs 650 out of a shed a few day’s after my wedding last year.and used some of the wedding money to buy it,it was pretty much all original and complete, but not running took it home cleaned the carbs fire on the second kick.ran it around for a day or two,then tore into it.

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