LeAn MeAn & GrEEn


The year of my bike is a 1981 XS650. I built this XS from the ground up myself, including paint. I put countless hours and thought into this build. I dont really know much more to say about it.


They say a pictures worth a 1000 words let me know what you think.


Anthony pino


  1. Nice lookin bike, great job! Original head light?

  2. HAPPY DAN says:

    I like the green,very cool!!!

  3. theirie1 says:

    Great color combo. The build looks pretty clean.

  4. XSJoel says:

    Man I absolutely love what you have done. This is one of the few XS’s I have seen out of hundreds if not thousands that I wouldn’t change a damn thing on. If mine comes anywhere close to this, I will be pleased forever with my bike.

  5. Chris says:

    Sweet nice color.

  6. fanoboss says:

    What’s the name of the color?

  7. Bones says:

    Your Bike is simply AWSOME !!! Great job.

  8. Grease Nipples says:

    Lean. Mean. Green. Clean. Caffeine. Sunscreen. Slot machine. Scene.

    Between. Christine. Maxine. Eighteen. Silver screen.

    Cuisine. Intervene. Obscene.

    Dry clean. Vaccine. Routine.

  9. Philthy78 says:

    You forgot CleAn!!!!! Man, that ride is clean as hell!

  10. fanoboss says:

    Been Seen Lean, with a sheen, so fukn clean !!! Bike is cool too !!! LOL thanks GREASE NIPPLES !!!! ur a hoot dude …

  11. Grease Nipples says:


  12. Dchamp145 says:

    Hey Ted what is the details about the tank . Stock , modified ? what’s the deal?bike looks sweet!

  13. fanoboss says:


  14. Drew Clap says:

    Perfect. Even the green!

  15. Anthony says:

    Hey the tank is a old late 60’s Triumph i did some work to. The color is a color i made myself just playing around trying to get the green i was looking for. the headlight is a old HD i dont know the year of the light i just wanted a bigger size light to fill in the front forks. i shot the light black as well. Thanks everyone for the compliments

  16. cajun21A says:

    did you have to modify the tunnel to get the tank it looks like the neck was stretched out to so tank cleared the coils. I want to do the same thing to a stock frame but cant bring myself to cut up a triumph tank.

  17. Joshua Rasmussen says:


  18. Anthony says:

    I didnt stresh the neck i didnt want to cut the front frame up. I built this bike to ride just like a bike from the 60’s & 70’s trying to keep everything a OEM as i could with just puting a little twist on thing here and there. As for the gas tank it’s a OEM Triumph tank but seeings how some people have a problem cutting up a Triumph tank LOWBROW CUSTOMS makes repops of the old Triumph tanks you could go that route and fab mounts ex ex …….

  19. hooversama says:

    Awesome bike……waaaaayyyyyyy cool color…..usually not a fan of lime green……unless its flake….THIS looks sick…..are those plastic inserts on the tank?…..its hard to tell from the pix.

    sweet ride…..dig the black too.

  20. Anthony says:

    Thanks, no they are the OEM Triumph tank inserts just spend about 3hr hand working each one.

  21. tadd442 says:

    Colleen, Doreen, Maurine…

  22. rusty says:

    Love the color. the stance and the black wheels. I still havent decided on color for my build but I think ill use yours for my background pic for a few days. It looks great, congrats.

  23. Thom says:

    I think you know how to build a bitchin’ bike, buddy.

  24. Anthony says:

    Thanks man she is a fun and cool lookin bike to ride

  25. jay mell says:

    love it,just looking at doing my first bobber and it just the look i’m looking for any tips for me?

  26. Tony butler says:

    Great bike, reminds me of a vintage Triumph chop.