Ju’s Bobber Project Part 5

Now to get some miles on & enjoy it..
Well the bike’s been finished & on the road a while now. So far nothings fallen off it, including me; so that’s a fairly good sign. It’s the first rigid I’ve owned & great fun to ride but by f**** you feel the pot holes. The foot pegs drag the ground on some corners but aren’t a problem so long as you,re in the right gear before you go around one; you’ll never have a cold leg either…
Otherwise it’s a good riding position. Finished it in matt black for simplicity & made in fills for the front & rear of the tank to get a better fit. Also, knocked a bit of filler out of it when this was done so I left the dents in for character.
Now to get some miles on & enjoy it..The bike’s on the road now & although only ventured out a few times is great fun to ride. The tank’s had infills at the front & rear to give it a better fit & now looks like it grew there.
As you can see from the pics the bike’s very tight, no big gaps & tiny but you don’t really notice that when you’re riding it. But pot holes & bumps you certaintly do.
The riding position’s pretty comfortable & so long as it’s in the right gear before a corner is ok as you can’t change once you’re going round it but your feet scrape a bit from time to time. Also, you’ll never have a cold left leg..
xs650-chop-xs650-chop-Yamaha XS 001
Things to do now are fit a brace to the rear mud guard as it bounces a bit, get the carbs set up & ride it. Really like the way this turned out & decided to compliment it with the next project so got a 47 Chevy
xs650-chop-xs650-chop-Yamaha XS 016
Ride on.Cheers  Ju Clayton  2010/07/jus-bobber-project-part-4


  1. sean from boston says:

    the bike still looks GREAT! even better now your done, good luck with that riding it standing on the seat thing if you want to keep your record of not falling haha good luck be safe enjoy riding, shes a beauty

  2. rusty says:

    This bike was used as my screen saver for a long time (for inspiration}. Still really love it, but i acquired a springer so Im still uncertain about all the final details of my build. I have yet to find a Bantam tank but since seeing yours I cant find anything else I like as much. Congrats on a great build and I still refer back to it regularly.

  3. Thats a pretty beefy looking ride you got there. Nice, clean and looks tuff. Hope mine turns out as well as yours. Is the hard tail ride that much of a pain or is it neglegable sort of thing as in dodge the bumps and pot holes? Lots of frost heaving on the highways around here, fortunatly though my first build is a custom soft tail (not done yet) but I definetly know what direction I’m going with my second bike after seeing yours. Why/how/where does it scrape going around corners (is that bad) and do you think a scrape plate would help to beat that? Very cool lookin bike!

  4. J-C says:

    Love the bike! What’s the front end from?

  5. Rocksteady says:

    Love the bike man looks good, I’m a big fan of bobbers that arnt
    racked out like crazy and 8 inch extended frames. I think u did a
    killer job and the bike turned out rad, and I really dig that front
    tire. Keep it real and under 100

  6. Jbreeze702 says:

    What is the front wheel off of? Im trying to get 16″ wheels front and back..

  7. Blackwidow says:

    I like how you made it look like a fat bike when most are skinny chops

  8. Ju says:

    Thanks for the comments, it’s good to knoiw your efforts are appreciated. To answer the questions; the front wheel is a rear Harley rim laced to a Harley front hub but I don’t know what model this came off and the forks are out of a Triumph. If you have a trawl through the old posts you may find the other 4 i’ve sent showing the bike from start to now with details as to how it came together.

    It’s B!**dy freezing here in Blighty & I’m feeling it, so don’t think there’ll be many miles done this month…

  9. Jamesdouble says:

    Nice work on the bike. Looks like a fun ride.

    What tyres are those?