Jeffrey Bettencourts six fiddy


This is my second post by the same title, a bit of progress not too too much but hell its content. I plan on selling it so this post is a little bitter sweet but I will probably change my mind.

Never trust a man that doesn’t like bikes.


  1. bigpup says:

    sweet looking scoot, I like the pipes. Bike sits perfect, how much strectch and did you adjust the rake at all?

  2. theirie1 says:

    Bike is looking good. What is the rake on it. What size tire on the rear.

  3. sean from boston says:

    oh so good, you make me want a hard tail.

  4. Nick says:

    is this for sale on providence craigslist?? good looking bike

  5. jeff says:

    Sweet bike!!!..what kind of hardtail is that? rake? stretch? Im looking into building my first and your’s is exactly how I want mine to sit. Thanks

  6. Wooley says:

    Sweet. What headlite you running there.
    Your bike came with a calendar girl too?

  7. tskins says:

    is that a tcbros. hardtail? this bike is sweet! not many have cuaght my eye lately but you’ve a really good line runn
    ing with this bike. simple, tough, and beautiful!

  8. tskins says:

    i love this bike!

  9. Jeffrey C Bettencourt says:

    Thanks for all the love on my 650 but sadly it has moved on to it’s next owner. I lucked out and got a buyer that didn’t want to buy it and change it drastically it’s like passing a torch. And to answer the questions, it’s a home made hard tail seat and rake and harley rear wheel and to all the hardcore xs fans, yes I did make the solo seat pivot arm from the stock foot peg arm, get a close look it was my favorite feature.

  10. Jeffrey C Bettencourt says:

    Oh yeah how could I forget heiniken keg battery box with hand hammered copper dome.