Gotta start somewhere-Terry cullen


My first 72 xs650 build ,found a girder frontend and half a frame ,ordered up a tc bros hardtail kit and bits & pieces.


Getting close to rolling frame going with all black with hand pinstripped finishes and brass parts front to rear, can,t wait to see it come together will get more pict,s when rolling with paint and finishes



  1. Russ says:

    Be shure to check the bottom triple tree of the girder
    I once found a girder I was gonna use and the bottom triple tree could be fliped for a non rake or a rake. With the non rake the front end could not turn because the tree hit the frame rails with the rake I thought it looked grate untill I finally got the wheels on and took it off my work table. I was way to low (could not even clear a speed bump, I would bottom out trying to get out the driveway) and it handeled like a fish (when you turned the front end the rear would pivit the other direction) Like I said I thought it looked great sitting there but I could not ride it so off with the girder and back on with the 6″ over and every thing was great again, back to ridding!! As you can tell by my story Im one who learns by try’ll and error….usually a lot of error

  2. terry c says:

    thanks for info , got the triple tree hooked up got bike sitting higher for sure . putting enduro tires on ,around my country a lot of dirt rds to cross sometimes but now i,ll be ready thanks for info ,it helps

  3. Sean from boston says:

    It looks bad ass!

  4. Blackwidow says:

    I”m curious to see the stance you end up with.