Daves- Sex on wheels


Well this is the story…I pulled this 77 xs 650 out of a shed a few day’s after my wedding last year.and used some of the wedding money to buy it,it was pretty much all original and complete, but not running took it home cleaned the carbs fire on the second kick.ran it around for a day or two,then tore into it.


This is my first build so there was alot of learning and changing things along the way. I went through three tanks before i found the one thats on it,i got this tank at a swap meet (after buying rusted out junk off ebay)I liked it so i took it home and re-tunneled it deeper,filled in the harely fuel petcock and used the drain out for the fuel supply.


Then i fit the hard tail (tc bros with a little tweek) I reused tons of things off this bike refit the stock foot peg mounts,cut the stock handle bars into what you see on it,made the electrical can out of a piece of 4”exhaust pipe from my dads house,and bought a biltwell seat and hindge that seat is big and took some time to make it fit right ,but it’s really comfortable and biltwell !

so then the bike sat for a month or two because I have no idea how to do any wiring. then i was looking on this site and seen TC Bro’s made that harness,called right then and ordered one!  and man i got to tell you those guy’s a awesome,i called on a friday late, and ask about there product and got the best info you could ask for, he answered all my dumb questions and then some.

So thats all i can really think about right know let me know what you guy’s think


  1. bigpup says:

    I really like that tank, I would get rid of the reflectors and add a rear fender. nice work.

  2. fanoboss says:

    Kick ASS !!! Great Job

  3. Sean from boston says:

    Looks great I love the little “twist” you did in order to keep the stockfoot pegs, also the handlebars look great for being cut up stockers, how did you like the wiring harness? Easy to instal?

  4. Tebo says:

    A very cool, minimalist bike. Though, I might be inclined to reactivate the front brake. Is there such a thing as Fong-style? It’s kinda reminiscient with the hardtail retaining the swingarm braces.

  5. HAPPY DAN says:

    Digging the paint on the tank,good job

  6. dave29 says:

    thanks for the input guys, this thing isn’t finished yet i just got it to the point were i can be riddin,and i’ve alredy removed the reflectors,took off the front disk and in the process of cleaning up the forks,i definitly stole the foot peg idea off the fong brothers,hands down the best way to remount every thing,and also ads alot of strength.i got some really cool idea’s for it here shortly the exhaust,fender and something in the works for the carbs that i haven’t seen done yet!

  7. dave29 says:

    And the tc brothers harness is awesome easy as hell

  8. Blackwidow says:

    the bike is sweet I can’t wait to see what you have instore for the rear fender and carbs

  9. Billy joe Fong says:

    I like it. You have good taste in frames for sure!

  10. Tebo says:

    Dave29, Denis(Billy Joe), that’s it. It’s been born. Chopper, Bobber, Rat, Brat style, and now; (drum roll, please) Fong style. So it has been written, so it shall be done. You’ve got a kickin’, screamin’ Fong style bike. Ride it like you stole it.

  11. fanoboss says:


  12. Billybobba says:

    You wont look so sexy when your balls go between the mud guard and the wheel! Dum Dum

  13. dave29 says:

    what the hell do you mean mud guard ? and if you would have read my first comment i already stated that i put a rear fender on it! but thanks for looking out for my balls dude !

  14. Ember says:

    Love the bike! Would you mind addressing how you fit the stock frame section to the TC tail section? I’m looking to do something similar to keep the stock foot pegs in the mid mount stock location.

  15. dave29 says:

    to refit the stock foot controls,cut them off the old rear half and then basically set them into position ,with the foot pegs on measure to keep everything even, i used the fender strut holes on the tc bros hardtail to pull all my measurements. that about it, it’s pretty easy and also you can use your swing arm bolt to pass through the mounts to make sure you installed them correctly .

  16. Ember says:

    Thanks for the response, Dave. I will see what I can do.