Busted Knuckle Customs


Write about your XS650.:
Another build by Busted Knuckle Customs



23″ front
18″ rear
A whole lot of custom shit.




  1. Pat C says:

    Those handlebars rules, man
    Ride on !

  2. theirie1 says:

    You hit it with the 23s. Was hoping to see a side view.

  3. Sean from boston says:

    Looks sick! Yet another example of why I wanting to go hard tail haha

  4. fanoboss says:

    I see artistic vision realized, AWESOME. The pipes and bars look fantastique.

  5. 23″, eh? nice. any details? What’s it from? What kinda spacing issues/solutions? Axle size? Cheers. Mean lookin’ rust busta’

  6. HAPPY DAN says:

    Cool build,diggin the bars,cool tank.

  7. EJ says:

    I’m super interested in the the 23″ setup. I have a local motorcycle junkyard that has a couple. How did you mount it? Any info would be super helpful.

  8. Bones says:

    Awsome Bike man !!! The handlebars, pipes and front mount are simply amazing.

  9. Heinz Thunderclap says:

    Deadly looking sled man I absolutely love the 23”. I have 18”rear and 19” front but the tire I have on the back makes the front look smaller so I wanted to go bigger. I’m guessing that wheel is from a dirt bike? I’m wondering if they make a street tire for a wheel that size? I hope so cause I want it. hahaha. ill ride my friend.

  10. Don says:

    looks good man! those 23’s are hard to find.

  11. king Acre says:

    yes!…. how is it riding on them nobbys? Please share the experience! I’ve got a set of 19″s going on MAGS for my scoot. If Looks could kill I hope my scoot does not! 23″ with front drum brake, classic! Where you located?

  12. ritzkraker says:

    worried about riding on nobby tires ? what do you think they put on dual sport bikes .. right from the factory …. they look bad ass ! and work fine im sure …

  13. scptt says:

    thanks for all the comments, the bike is a f*ckin blast to ride, just a beast, loud and raw.

    the knobbys arent bad at all on the street( and the dirt, i had to try it on the trails lol) as far as the 23″ it is off a older honda dirt bike and was very hard to find one that wasnt bent or cracked. and for mounting it i useda stock xs axle machined down to fit the bearings in the honda wheel and just made up my own spacers to fit it to the xs forks.

    i run the bike just how you see it, has very small LED lights for brakes and turn signals that you prolly cant see. i build my bikes out of western mass

  14. hooversama says:

    I love this bike!

  15. slowride says:

    Sweet ride man, love the pipes!
    I have two of these 23″ front wheels, one already mounted up to a set of XS 650 forks. I might consider selling them if anyone is interested. slowride923@hotmail.com

  16. Guinn says:

    I really like your bike. I hope you don’t mind. I made a print quality version of one of your photos. If you want a copy just let me know and I’ll email it to you.

  17. hooversama says:

    dear busted knuckles…i dig the piss outta this bike…..its one of my favorites…..

    is it for sale?