Write about your XS650.: I have been lurking on this site to see some beautiful creations. This is my first bobber build on a great platform 81 xs650 i picked up for $175.00. engine had to be rebuilt so i decided to completely tear down the engine.


I powdercoated the engine with wrinkle black. installed a weisco 750 piston kit, mid porting in the head, added shell #1 camshaft, boyer branson ignition system with coils and installed mikuni vm34s.. jetting was a pain in the arse but i finally got it sorted out. the pipes were made up from my local muffler shop. i cermiac coated the pipes. rear fender isfrom tractor farm and supply form a cargo trailer that i took 2″ out the center and rewelded together.


Handle bars was my twist that i made up and weld and powdercoated. frame was gutted of all the unnecessary brackets. welded the seat section with new tubing to give it that lower stance. I powdercoated the frame and rims. paint work was done by my girlfriends son. thanks mike for the awesome paint job!


Seat pan i made up from fiberglass added foam and cover it with vinyl. not a great job but it works for now. made up my own foward controls and they work great. been a fun projet for sure and hope to do another one again. but for now, boy do i get the looks. it runs as good as it looks!

ken brown


  1. fanoboss says:

    You did a awesome job on the fender, great build. Did you rephase the motor?

  2. Geezerman says:

    Nice clean lookin ride !!

  3. k brown says:

    engine hasnt been rephased. at 80mph there are vibes but nothing that isnt annoying. hell i could ride a long time before it would bother me. afterall this is a barhopper around town bike to cruise so vibes isnt a concern in my opinion

  4. fanoboss says:

    @ K Brown, that’s great dude. I want more engine, but love the way it sounds now. Wouldn’t mind a little more volume and throatiness. ty fan

  5. sean from boston says:

    looking good!

  6. k brown says:

    sean thanks for the compliment…. the thing about these bikes is that you can give them a complete make over. each one is unique. i dont think i did a bad job for the first time make over. picked up another xs for $200. plan on doing a hardtail. know where there is another xs. girlfriend’s friend has it. she wants $600 for it. im trying to talk her down with cash in hand. xmas is next month. i think she can be bought. lol

  7. Conehead says:

    Love the old school look. Everything seems to fit well. I gotta know, where did you get the whitewalls, I have been looking for them to put on my stock 83 xs?

  8. Steven says:

    this is as fine an example of anything ive seen on this site….which is sayin alot cos there are definately some great bikes on here….i can only hope mine will be as awesome and as cool when im done….great bike dude!!!

  9. norm younger says:

    Awesome looks like a 50’s hotrod.

  10. Ed says:

    Great looking bike, I have a 79 I just got running kind of. Got a ways to go, seen some great bikes in here and every once in a while I just got to comment. Yours is the 2nd I have commented on, not over done just right, very clean.
    Mine is got a long ways to go, kind of a project on and off. I have another bike I ride so I keep putting this one off. you can tell by my email the other bike.