XS650 powered Royal Enfield Bullet


I bought  this  Bullet 500 used and  rode the hell out of it. Lotta miles and  the motor towards the end of its life when a friend told me of a XS for a hundred bucks on Craig’s list. I snagged it after i saw it had  decent compression. Cleaned up the carbs and damned if it  didn’t  start. So i ripped the motor out for my little Enfield. Me an a buddy  built a girdle  sorta like a  subframe connector to tie in the 3/4 frame and keep it  ridgid. made motor plates to slip into the frame where  the original rear motor mounts were.  What a pita that  was.


Had to offset the engine 1/2″  to the  right to  squeak the chain past the inside of the frame but its hardly noticable.The motor looks like it grew there.  Wired it up  and took it for a ride. What a squirrely little bugger. First thing it did  was jerk the rear axle out of alignment…spooky. The gear ratio was nuts, 17 front 38 rear, and the Enfield wheel adjusters made me nervous but they got cinched down tight as hell and I
rode it anyways. Finally got around to needing a rear tire which seemed to disintegrate rapidly all of the  sudden. Decision time, buy a new 19 rear tire or stuff the Yamaha swing arm in it.


So happens the parts bike had a decent tire on it so that’s what I did.  Ended up with 18 tooth final sprocket and 34 on the wheel. The Frankenstein blows down the freeway just fine. Been catching crap from  purists but don’t give a crap. They just  have to settle  for eatin dust.


  1. bruce pleger says:

    This bike is totally cool. I love the fact that you used what was available and it upsets people!Good job!

  2. Tebo says:

    Purists my ass. If you don’t piss somebody off at least once a day, you’re not doing your job! I wish we could see the frame mods a little better. Jolly good!

  3. skr00zloose says:

    it’s an indian enfield, so the “purists” are hypocrites if they’re giving you crap.

    that being said, that is the BEST mod anyone could ever do to an indian enfield. The stock motors are HORRIBLE.

    very very cool. not the average motor swap, for sure!

  4. Gerry says:

    Thanks guys,
    Just to be fair I have to say that The Enfield riders have been very supportive. A great bunch. Most of them realize what they are riding and only a very rare hypocrite or 2 in that wood pile. I should have stipulated the British “purists” (ie:Triumphs, Nortons ect.) with their snot boxes in the air.
    I researched the Bullet for a few months before locating a deal on this one and had a fair idea of the mechanical era its from. This bike was new enough to have been converted to all metric (screw Witworth).
    Quite a while back I saw on a RE blog a Bullet with a XS lumped into it posted here on this site. Thought it looked like mess of fun. Couldn’t find info on how it was done but seen that it could be so that was enough for me.
    I dig this site ALOT having prowled here for a couple years. I’m glad the general ‘tude is do it on the cheap and havin’ fun. There’s expertise here and brains to be picked. I’m no pro and really appreciate the loads of info available here.

  5. Tebo says:

    I saw a picture of a bare frame on the ‘net, and the “girdle” idea is great. Were you also able to tie-in the top motor mounts? Squirrely little bugger. How does it handle with almost twice the juice of the original? Probably acts more like the 750 twin.

  6. Gerry says:

    I used the RE harness and tapped in the charging syst via a Mikes reg/rect. Had to add a few fuses and a switch to power lighting sts. wiring is not my forte but wasn’t to bad with help from some of the guys on the RE site. Maybe some day I will get brave and try a total rewire.
    The frame girdle did need a xtra brace behind the kickstand but here’s a link to that.
    Had to remove the lower trans mounts off the frame and chain guard tunnel off of the sprocket case for the motor to be back as far as it could go.
    Hans from Holland,
    Ya I saw that one. pretty ain’t it? Sadly he got a bunch of haters too. the one that inspired me was the “Ebay Bullet”.

    Thanks all, Gerry

  7. Gerry says:

    Head mount link:
    Motor(77D),head,intake and carbs 0 degrees exactly…guess we got lucky.
    Tank tunnel at mount widened via Ford tool and 1″ added to rear tab mounts in order to clear motor. OOPS
    Acceleration nice now that gearing no longer like a hill climbers. No longer powers out with a touch of the throttle. Still messing with the jetting (BS38 CV’s) but is running good though could be better. Thinking of going to a 30-32 rear sprocket for more fuel economy. It does have the 7 plate clutch.
    Handles crisp with the Yamaha swing arm,BMW shocks(year unknown) and metal bushes, almost like a stock RE except the power almost 3x
    Thanks for the interest Teebo. I’m having fun

  8. rusty says:

    I love that you had the courage to do this and wish I could be around for an encounter with a purist. Sweet bike.

  9. RecycleBill says:

    Awesome motorcycle! I’d love to have one like it.

  10. Gerry says:

    Thanks Rusty and Bill