XS650 Burned-outttt!


  1. fanoboss says:


  2. Lunatic says:

    I was wondering if this would get posted anywhere else…

    The story behind the bike and the owner is here:


  3. Sundie says:

    That guy sucks *so* bad at burnouts.

  4. Cat13 says:

    Ah huh really Sundie 😛

    Hes able to do a burnout with a passenger so idk that says otherwise 😛

  5. Sean from boston says:

    Sick, never seen a fat guy move so fast haha awesome!

  6. gilligan says:

    yo sundie,i may suck but rumor has it you swallow!!! 😉

  7. skr00zloose says:

    JEFF! Glad to see you’re alive and kickin!

    what the hell’s been going on man? You ever gonna make it back to the states?

    gimme a shout sometime, I got a bike you GOTTA see!

  8. gilligan says:

    yo skrooz!!! paperwork is slow homie… post the link up broham!!

  9. JustMike says:

    What front end is that, looks great!

  10. skr00zloose says:

    can’t post it here, cuz it’s not an XS, shoot me an e-mail (motuner@hotmail.com) and I’ll send you some pics.

  11. Lunatic says:

    JustMike, it’s a mid 90’s Kawi ZX7 front.