Team Birdhouse


Well this is my first crack at building a bike. Im in love with the look and prices of the xs650. I bought the roller hard tail with a rebuilt motor for $200.00 dollars and found the 1980 xs650 special with 3000 miles on the odometer for another $200.00 dollars with a title at a local junk yard.




Rebuilt the carbs on the motor with 3000 miles and she runs like a scalded dog!!!! I put that motor on the hardtail. I will post new pics soon. Just happy to be included in this 650 club!!!!!!!

mathew brickhouse


  1. sean from boston says:

    GREAT FINDS! I must say I’m jealous great looking bikes! and welcome to the club. (though I’m new and my bikes not done yet) lol

  2. skr00zloose says:

    heeeey… I’ve seen that bike before! lol

    let me know when/if you need a hand with that wiring, when you get to that point.

    I shot you an e-mail about that ignition system, don’t know if you ever got it. It’d REALLY simplify the wiring for your bike, since you have a CDI ignition. It gets hard to hide all the crap you have to have to run the OEM black box and whatnot, and they’re not the most reliable things anyway.

    I did lose your number after I sold you that sporty tank, so shoot me an e-mail or something, I’ll send you some pics of my newest project.

  3. mathew brickhouse says:

    Steve whats up dude. I will be ready for you in about 2 weeks. I fabricated my rear brake pivot and welded on all my tabs..etc. this weekend how do you like the bars off my girlfriends beach cruiser in that one pic!!!!! just wanted to see what 12″ apes looked like. This bike has really come along way. We should get together on the maiden voyage!!! I saw ashley up at Boneshakers yesterday she said she would send me your number.