The craze is directly related with this site. The Pics and Posts are inspiration.

This is a 77XS with a 6″ hard tail and its been my daily rider for a year now. Over the last year I put some dif bars and -2 springer front end on it.


The frame was found in the weeds and the motor was 50 bucks.  The rest was easy after that.  Craigs, ebay and junkyards are my friends. Note: to the people looking to put a DNA spinger. Dont buy a adapter.


Just shave the bearing spacer that comes with the DNA a little, Make it fit the bottom XS neck bearing, shave the fork stops off the neck and the rest is easy to figure out. All the post out there get  retarded on the subject.

Im trying my version of a Brat at this time on another 77 but its got a 5″ stretch in the frame, trying to go with the style of the Wizard SleeZe cause that bike just looks bad ass.

There has been a lot brats on the site and the look kick ass but as a smart man once said on this site “Its like a monkey fucking a football”. The Stock xs is a short bike. The brat is sitting on its two wheels and kick stand at this time. Motor, Wassell tank and the bars are on. Ill get some pics up after paint.

Cant wait to see how it rides.

To all; keep building and stay thirsty my friends.


xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 tanktop