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It’s been a good summer



Well, my bike’s done and has been really good to me. I haven’t posted pics for a while, been busy ridin!  I think this winter I’ll upgrade the charging system and maybe go with the overbore if the planets align. Continue Reading →

The “Dumpster Dive Bomber” Fin…..



last year i posted some pics of my bike a 78′ xs, i said it would be finished in a few weeks.. Well i lied and it took a little longer to get the wireing done. Continue Reading →

Caferacer with a Central Tube Frame



Here few Photos from my XS . The Frame is from a small German Framebuilder with the Name “Schwingen”. He was building Frames in the 70/80s that looks like a Egli frame. The Frame was original build for a Z900/1000 Kawa. Continue Reading →

The “Demon”



This was my first build. Didn’t do too much really. Just took off everything I didn’t need, painted everything flat black, Chopped the ass off and welded the mini sissy on there and thats pretty much all she wrote.  I really want to put a suicide shifter on and clean her up some some.

Team Birdhouse



Well this is my first crack at building a bike. Im in love with the look and prices of the xs650. I bought the roller hard tail with a rebuilt motor for $200.00 dollars and found the 1980 xs650 special with 3000 miles on the odometer for another $200.00 dollars with a title at a local junk yard. Continue Reading →

Ruling 101



To be able to rule you need to be able to ride. I’m not completely satisfied with this build just yet, but that’s what winter is for. Got the bike together fairly quick just to get a season of riding in. Continue Reading →