It feels at home in the city for sure.

Just finished up my ’73 650.  It took way too long, but it’s running great finally.  The motor is a ’79, had to rebuild the top end and replace pretty much all the charging system.


Ignition is a pamco that works great. I wanted it to be short and tall, seems like old choppers back in the 70s were always tall, so the fork is stock length (it will probably get extended eventually) and the front wheel is a 23. The hardtail is home made with a 3″ stretch, lowered just a little.


I guess it’s kind of frisco style (that’s what the cool guys call it right??) with the pegs up high and the tall bars. It is fun, you can bomb it over/off anything and lean it way over, nothing to drag.



It feels at home in the city for sure.  I already want to change up the paint and build some crazy exhaust, looking forward to putting lots of miles on it for now.


xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana
xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve