Fly N Low 81 xs


This is my first build an 81 xs. I had TC Bros weld on  the hardtail and get a DNA springer and other parts.

The tank is from pandemonium.


Here are a few pics getting started will post more as it comes together.


Mike Burkey


  1. bigpup says:

    good start, nice gas cap

  2. anthony says:

    my favorite part is that your garage is clean. diggin the roots. cant wait to see it done.

  3. Sean from boston says:

    Oh me ohh my the anticipation!

  4. Tommy says:

    OK i can already tell its going to look like all the others.

  5. Josh says:

    So far so good, but Check your electrics box…looks like it is hanging pretty low. So low that the chain is probably going to be right in the center of it.

    Did the same thing initially on mine…

  6. sean from boston says:


  7. norm younger says:

    Any new pics.

  8. chris welborn says:

    any trouble getting the dna to fit the stock neck and what was the length?