El Vagabundo Segundo

Greetings from Finland! So, it’s a 73 XS 650. This build is the second coming of the bike, That’s why the name “Segundo”. The Frame is rigid with 3” strech at the back.

The tank is narrowed, “ribbed” and re-tunneled Mustang. Handlebars and exhaust self-bended . The Rear fender is a re-production Triumph.  Front end from Sportster, shaved and polished with 21” wheel. At the back is 18” wheel with disc brake.


Sweet candy flake paint made by The Heinimaa Brothers. Stripes by Tini.. This bike runs so great thanks to Boyer Bransden ignition, Mikuni flatside carbs and complete engine renewal.


Keep the six-fifties on the road!  Love this site, respect!

Jussi Lindgren
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  1. Carlos says:

    Very clean bike.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. sean from boston says:

    god. dam. This bike looks fresh to death.

  3. visimpact says:

    Amazing attention to detail. I love what you did with the tank.

  4. Shawn says:

    Gorgeous bike. Completely bad-ass!! Love the paint and details.

  5. dannyb says:

    nice bike. How difficult is the sportster front end swap?

  6. Thomas says:

    Really nice! I saw the bike in the latest issue of MCM, great to see that a Yami XS gets some attention there as well! Hope to see more of these beauties in our part of the world!

  7. armando says:

    I like so much what you done whit these bike man. pretty awesome!

  8. John says:

    Did you rake your bike? Also do you have any pic of the neck area?

  9. tadd442 says:

    beautiful…..very well done!

  10. Tebo says:

    Fantastic bike, man. Wow. It’s really, really shiny. How did you get it so shiny? It’s, like, custom everything.

  11. Evan says:

    pfft… I quit. You win.

  12. Tracy says:

    I just sharted :-0 Good god the only thing misssing would be a naked chick next to her.

  13. Mister says:

    Wow, sick looking bike I cant believe how clean it is!

  14. kenb says:

    Wow that is just a work of art sooo simple, clean and just really a nice looking machine. Nice work, Hows the laws in your country with lighting? I would be sporting the not long be for I ended up in court, what I’am I talking about I was in court because of my xs choppa, yea cool looking build!

  15. bigpup says:

    The bar keeps getting raised for these bikes, excellent work. Very clean build, another inspiration

  16. Hans from Holland says:

    Pretty nice ride Jussi,
    I bought the sept. issue of Back Street Heroes wich includes an article of it.
    Really like it, it put the level again a bit higher. Great to see the polished engine, and, and….just tasty!

  17. hooversama says:


  18. Grease Nipples says:

    It’s rare to find an XS in Finland that does not have skis on it. The bike is called El Vagabundo Segundo, Finnish for “Hold My Beer.” An alternate translation could be, “Turn up the sauna.” Described by his friends as “Embittered,” Jussi Lindgren can empty a bottle of Kossu faster than his XS can do the quarter mile. He is embittered because, as he puts it, “There’s a lot of blondes in Finland. This, however, hardly makes up for the short riding season.” He continued, “STP stops teenage pregnancy, and they don’t sell it here.” This explains why many of the children in Helsinki look like him. “When I’m riding my XS,” says Jussi, “every day is Valentine’s Day.”

    “I customized this bike to get chicks,” he said ruefully. “It worked a little too well.”

    Finland is renowned as the world’s second largest exporter of ice cubes, trailing slightly behind Canada.

  19. Mick says:

    CRAP!!! Now I’m not happy with my stock front motor mount bracket. oh ya, people did a nice job for you. bike looks good.

  20. Hoeyuno says:

    Beautiful!! What kinda condition was the original bike in??

  21. max says:

    grease nipples…take it easy

  22. random ron says:

    It should be in a museum. A work of art.

  23. Michael T says:

    Thumbs Up! Really love it’s slim line and color combinations.

    Well done, have fun with it.

  24. fanoboss says:

    KICK ASS !!! : )>

  25. Gnar bone says:

    Cleaner than my silver wear, for real, good work

  26. Dave says:

    I love almost all bobbers but this is the very best Yamaha bobber I have ever seen in my 52 years.

    Excellent in all directions, simply the best.

  27. 72XS2 says:

    Man, your bike looks good. I love the chrome on the base of the engine. Good job !

  28. RichieB says:

    Gorgeous bike! Congratulations on the 2nd coming. I love the exhaust. It compliments everything nicely. And the tank itself is a work of art! Nice job!

  29. Rad Ventures says:

    Wow, Super clean bike. Looks great!

  30. HAPPY DAN says:

    Very nice,clean and skinnie,cool upper motor mount

  31. Blacksmithbilly says:

    Somebody get a mop, thats bike got cool dripping everywhere

  32. Blackwidow says:

    really beautiful bike. I can’t say enough good things about it. I love how clean it is instead of like all the other beat up chopper builds which those are cool too but it’s nice to see a bike all cleaned up and ready to show.

  33. bloodhound says:

    wow that is one of my favorite xs bikes ever. Damn Finland

  34. fanoboss says:

    Saying this is a clean build, is like saying the xs650 is a good bike, LOL.

  35. Mark says:

    El Vagabundo Segundo
    How do we get more detail on this ride? close up pics and details on the build?

  36. harry carmony says:

    Very Amazing !!!…Slight differences at every point make Overall Complete Difference. !!!…And so clean it appears Lightweight…-

  37. The coolest bike I have ever seen!
    Wonder what it would cost.

    Freaking love this site, best bike pictures ever!

  38. Scott says:

    Great job man I love it.

  39. IOC says:

    Should look pretty good when it’s finished…… ;o)

  40. The Flying Imp says:

    Hey does anyone know when they are getting more t-shirts?

  41. Wooley says:

    Fantabulous! This ride is awesome. Have a friend who is building these bikes and picking them up from all over to build. I told him about this one and that it is the look I would be after. Damn, I might just have to sell my Harley and build one like this. Think I’d call it “Total Package”

  42. RecycleBill says:

    No need to sell your sporty– I’ll keep an eye out and you can have both. Or build one of mine…

  43. Angel says:

    I saw this bike in the Back Street Heroes of September 2010, and I fall in love …

  44. Trouwen says:

    Sweet looking bike!
    Wish I had some money….

  45. Andy Scarff says:

    Very good example of gifted genius, combined with craftsmanship… Top drawer stuff ..

  46. Kevin says:

    Anyone know where I can buy a similar exhaust?

  47. mike says:

    these bikes turn out to be the canvas with which we sculpt and paint some of us are finger painters some like you use a brush and canvas and create masterpieces

  48. fanoboss says:

    …and I eat the glue paste.

  49. mike says:

    at first look everything was correct, but after further inspection i noticed that the usual front ski backets were missing and do you think there’s enough room to run a set of chains under that rear fender??

  50. El Gaucho says:

    In my top ten ever of XS’s.

  51. HOON says:

    could be the most polished XS i have seen, a finish i would like on one of my bikes!

  52. norm younger says:

    Very classy looking bike.

  53. El Diablo Negro says:

    That clean machine can be summed up with one word…… flawless!!!!!!

  54. Michael says:


  55. Boon UK says:

    Must be something to do with the cold weather, the craftsmanship is beautiful. I wish I had the talent to do something half as good. A true masterclass of what can be done with an xs. Brilliant