Greetings from Finland! So, it’s a 73 XS 650. This build is the second coming of the bike, That’s why the name “Segundo”. The Frame is rigid with 3” strech at the back.

The tank is narrowed, “ribbed” and re-tunneled Mustang. Handlebars and exhaust self-bended . The Rear fender is a re-production Triumph.  Front end from Sportster, shaved and polished with 21” wheel. At the back is 18” wheel with disc brake.


Sweet candy flake paint made by The Heinimaa Brothers. Stripes by Tini.. This bike runs so great thanks to Boyer Bransden ignition, Mikuni flatside carbs and complete engine renewal.


Keep the six-fifties on the road!  Love this site, respect!

Jussi Lindgren
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