d-club-jp xs chop




  1. ziq says:

    Hey thats a cool bike, what helmet are you wearing btw?

  2. sean from boston says:

    good looking bike!, the helmet looks cool to kind of looks like a 3/4 with the bottom half of a paintball mask. either way cool looking, i like the springer and the headlight

  3. Morgan says:

    Third on the helmet, that thing is badass.

  4. Bodhi says:

    Frankly she scares me … that was a girl right…
    Hand shift in that much traffic

    no no no not me…I couldn’t keep up

    nice bike though…

    guess I’m a puss

  5. Tommy says:

    Ummmm Dont ever start your bike like that again! Other than that pretty bad ass! Like your helmet!!!

  6. yaddy schwanson says:

    Isnt that a dirt bike helmet w/o the viser?

  7. reynoldburton says:

    Nice bike! Helmet looks like a “eternal combustion” one


  8. Jerod says:

    Does anyone know the rake and stretch of the frame?

  9. norm younger says:

    Fantastic bike.

  10. Tigman says:

    I think it looks like a 6″ up, whatever the front stretch works out to be with the stock rake…just my .02