a copper scrapers dream


This is a 1980 xs650,tc bros,hardtail,batt,box made of 30s and 60s new york license plates. Old school 50s delta rocket bicycle lights for blinkers.



Copper exhaust,wire runs,copper plated tank,1941 chevy gas cap.ford model t shifter,model a mirror. and a lot more.



jason ludwin


  1. jeff says:

    thats pretty cool. it looks just right any more would be pushin overkill. i think you nailed it nice job

  2. Mick says:

    That’s a lot of weight on that shifter dose it fall in and out of gear Yet? If not it will. I do love clutch shifters. Wish it was legal in my state. Well half my bike isn’t legal but they do pop you for the oveous ones like that. Bummer.


  3. jason ludwin says:

    I used the red grips,for the attention getter,lol

  4. Morgan says:

    Looks awesome. Did you actually copper plate everything, or just find a very authentic looking copper rattle can?

  5. jason ludwin says:

    Gas tank,gas cap and clutch lever are painted with copper paint,it is a great paint I found,you can clear it,or leave it to pateena.

  6. sean from boston says:

    looks very good!

  7. rob says:

    Jason, I dig this bike. Very cool indeed. Quick question, the copper pipes, are they tacked on to your headers? Or is the entire exhaust copper?

  8. jason says:

    the copper is riveted and silver soildered,and there is a clamp,to the head pipe

  9. Bryan Benson says:

    Jason, do you have more detailed photos of the clutch shifter?

  10. jason ludwin says:

    Bryan,if you want,drop me a email and I can get some pics too ya.this bike is posted again here under the name,scrap copper,may be a pic there too look at. Ludwin12070@yahoo.com. thanx. Jason

  11. jason ludwin says:

    i have some more pics,if you want drop me a email(ludwin12070@yahoo.com) and ill send them out to ya

  12. wojo says:

    Love the red grips! They give it the right amount of BANG..! I too, have a copper & brass fetish.! Nice job