Just started my winter project, it´s an 650 xs -72 with hardtail frame. The bike is pretty long done so far and the engine has been thru. The wheels are original wheels from a -71 xs. I´m gonna keep the rear wheel and take Yamaha 125 off road 21 inch rim and put a drum-hub into it and use for front wheel.


I´m gonna change the aluminium box with all electrics in to something else, i have not decided what i´m gonna replace it with. Also the aluminiumfootpegs will be replaced with real STEEL!

I don´t know which bike the rear fender came from, but the gas tank are from a Swedish moped called Fram. I think they are fit really good together and for the first season i´m gonna keep that old rusty patina condition.

Andreas Gustafsson

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