650 xs -72 Swedish bobber


Just started my winter project, it´s an 650 xs -72 with hardtail frame. The bike is pretty long done so far and the engine has been thru. The wheels are original wheels from a -71 xs. I´m gonna keep the rear wheel and take Yamaha 125 off road 21 inch rim and put a drum-hub into it and use for front wheel.


I´m gonna change the aluminium box with all electrics in to something else, i have not decided what i´m gonna replace it with. Also the aluminiumfootpegs will be replaced with real STEEL!

I don´t know which bike the rear fender came from, but the gas tank are from a Swedish moped called Fram. I think they are fit really good together and for the first season i´m gonna keep that old rusty patina condition.

Andreas Gustafsson


  1. kalle says:

    sjukt cool!! vill också bygga en men fan vad dyra objekten har blivit!
    kör hårt!

  2. Sean from boston says:

    Wow really cool start bike is looking good and I can’t wait to see it all done! Keep up the good work

  3. adam says:

    that tank rules!!!!!!!!!!so does the 2dr caprice in the background

  4. adam says:

    wait cant tell maybe a 4dr

  5. Tobbe says:

    Så j***a rätt! Vill oxå köra stelben. Ser fram emot det färdiga resultatet. Håller med om att ojekten har blivit dyra, fick tag i min -81(egentligen en -79) för 8`förra sommaren. Inte helt klar än. Lite åt bratstuket kör jag.


  6. Mick says:

    Nice start! I love the pipes running with the couture of the frame, so many people get that wrong. Love the tank!!! My only suggestion is I think if you raised the front of the tank gust 1/2 to 1 inch it would match the flow to the seat a little better. just my opinion. I do love that tank. loose the seat its not that hard to pound out your own, with a roll in the back and helps you stay sucked in on those fast take offs with forward controls. Fake oil tank is Awesome! love the matching stator cover. All and All a good start.

  7. Blackwidow says:

    hahaha I like that

  8. sean from boston says:

    bump for an update?