1977 Cape Fear custom XS650


This bike was built with the best of everything. My buddy formely of Rednech engeneering, built the frame to my specs.  We used rod ends for axle adjusters.


Every thing is handmade. I’m ready to start a new XS project with a girder frontend. So this ones going on ebay. Check out the ad here.



Thanks for looking.  If I can help anyone hit me at www.performancecyclesnc.com


  1. sean from boston says:

    good looking bike, I like the frame work.

  2. Eric Plough says:

    Those rod ends don’t look big enough to put a 21mm axel through, Got any closer shots of that? I would realy like to have a better look at how you set it up.

  3. Joe Petersen says:

    I would be happy to answer any questions or send out some more pictures. Hit me at my website. http://www.performancecyclesnc.com Thanks for looking. Joe