Month: October 2010


This is my 1980 xs650. This took me 6 weeks start to finish.has a tc bros.hardtail section,jockey shift and clutch (shifter fom a ford model t trans),1941 chevy gas cap,1950s delta rocket bicycle lights used for...

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XS650 powered Royal Enfield Bullet

I bought  this  Bullet 500 used and  rode the hell out of it. Lotta miles and  the motor towards the end of its life when a friend told me of a XS for a hundred bucks on Craig’s list. I snagged it after i saw it had...

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Another Green bike

It all started about two years ago when a friend gave me a running 1977 xs650. It was so ugly and run down I couldn’t force myself to ride it. I saw a xs650 street tracker while searching for parts on ebay and it got me...

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Jamie Williams Shell Flat Tracker

Hi, my name is Jamie and I live in the UK, I visit your site every week and thought I’d send you some pics of my flat tracker. I bought this XS on eBay in December 2008, it was started as a chop but never finished, and the bike...

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