You Dirty Rat ’75 (for sale)


This is a 1975 Yamaha xs650b that I had gotten stock and stripped it immediately. This is my fourth build and one of my favorites.

I like to work on any bike of coarse but this one was one of my most interesting and creative bikes, now if I can figure out away to get paid for this shit.





I stole the valve idea  from another guy on this site that has one bad ass bike (thankyou).

Other than that this is an awesome site. Bike runs great very dependable, $4,000 and it could be yours.

845-775-0590      ROODIS…


  1. Bykerbrad says:

    Pipes are really cool and the bike has a very nice stance overall…but damn, $4,000? That seems a little steep.

  2. sean from boston says:

    Bike looks great I like the home made forward controls

  3. ROODIS says:

    Thank you very much for your feed back. $4000 was a joke, kinda sold it for $3500 its gone and I’m down. Time to build some more and get used to the fact that I can’t keep them all.

  4. Jerry Howerton says:

    I have never seen anyboby use petcocks like yours. ( Thats Great ) is that a king sportster gas tank. nice line of the bike.

  5. ROODIS says:

    The petcocks were actually not my idea I stole it from another guy on this site that had build one bad ass bike. His are a lot nicer and match at least but I had all the fittings to do it this way so it was cheaper of course and I think they fit the bike. I guess you would call it KING tank, it’s a little wider than the other peanuts I have. Thank You very much.

  6. Where id those holes come from in the rear fender?

  7. jbaker says:

    damn, i want this bike SOOOO bad….the stance is just perfect IMO. those bars look sick too, and nice pipes….

  8. jbaker says:

    who did you sell this to? maybe they are wanting to sell it now?