Wild retro chopper (xs 650 1973)


I was just try to build a choppa use a japanese engine.. Since i found www.xs650chopper.com i sold my bsa b33 engine and buy xs 650cc engine.



Frist time i built my xs with japstyle concept but now i try with my Wild retro Concept… Please coment for ma wild xs choppa… Chopper Psyco-medan-indonesia – Jappy


  1. Rusty Nutz says:

    Sadly, I could not get away with pipes like yours in my state.

  2. Sean from boston says:

    Bad ass looking bike man

  3. paul mackey says:

    very wicked chopper, i definitely like the aggressive pieces on the bottom of the front forks, but that seat has to be my favorite part, more pics please?

  4. Jerry from Oklahoma says:

    Hay i also like the fish tails . Not shure what that tail light is made from. nice ride

  5. bigpup says:

    nice frame work, i am not to crazy about the pipes but its your look, I really like the chain gaurd you have on back there and the tank sits nice on the frame. nice work!

  6. tim says:

    awesome bike, love the exhaust,everything looks great

  7. hooversama says:

    very cool!

  8. Robdigidogg says:

    Nice bad ass bike…What size rear axle are you using?