Tim shover – 650 chopper


Just bought it, got to ride it a little but needs carb work, should be ready soon



  1. sean from boston says:

    I like the paint on the motor, not my personal cup of tea however Great looking bike as long as you like that style

  2. armando says:

    this is a chopper!! …but the sit…ahh!

  3. tim says:

    i agree , i’m gonna change the seat, but right now more in need of a chain tensioner or i’m gonna have to do some changes on the exhaust, but thanks

  4. Ted says:

    There is a lot of potential in this bike. I always think “what would I do if this bike was mine”. I would put on a king/queen style seat and some really low pullback handlebars then maybe repaint it. What are your plans Tim?

  5. tim says:

    well the fact that i’m turning 40 in 2 days is helping me make up my mind on a few things, the seat is gonna go for sure, kinda wanted to stay with a solo seat but the king and queen is starting to look better all the time for the little bit of back support you get,and with one of those my 5 year old daughter says she could take a short ride with me, i,m not so sure about that but shes the boss, i don’t want to lose the apes, gonna try to keep them as long as the law leaves me alone, already had issues with them over my last one, so i might end up with a shorter set, but some pull back drags have crossed my mind a time or two, the paint is gonna stay, i’m an old hotrodder , so i’ve always like the flames and who ever painted this bike done a really nice job, hoping i’ll win the chain tensioner, but if not gonna have to get that for sure, havn’t made up my mind if i want the sprocket or skate wheel, but will get one from monstercraftsman one way or the other, and i hate to even say it but i’m pretty sure i’m putting the front brakes back on, like the clean look but with the tall apes and forward controls that front brake would be super nice sometimes(oooh, i am getting old) thanks for looking at my bike and i do have a 1977 650 hardtail for sale 1800.00, not as radical or nice as this one but runs and rides, needs carbs cleaned, there the ones of this one when i bought it, i hope the pics of it will be on here soon any one interested give me a call 618-841-8258 i live in the south east corner of il. harrisburg illinois thanks Tim

  6. bigman says:

    that is one good looking bike man

  7. tim says:

    this bike is for sale $2800.00 618-841-8258 located in harrisburg, so. illinois thanks Tim

  8. tim says:

    this bike is sold……thanks