This latest bike is based on a 1980 Yamaha XS650. The bike had a super solid motor (160 on each cylinder) that only had 6000 miles on the clock so the motor was left alone. (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it)

The bike was completely dismantled and several frame modifications were done to accomidate the CBR rear sets and other aspects of this type of bike.


All the frame compoants and other parts were sand blasted before being shot with a custom color. The painting was a three stage process with metal etch primer, 2 color coats and four coats of clear. The tank on this bike is a stock tank that is very very clean inside and has been re-painted gloss black using the same three stage process.

The bike runs like a champ & carves the canyons with the best of them.


xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 tanktop