STOLEN! Lincoln NE, keep a look out!


My Bike was stolen Sept. 14 early in the morning. I had it parked in my front yard on a busy street, someone either loaded it in a pickup or trailer, or rolled it down the street. It had 12″ apes white grips and a custom leather seat, and the fender was off when they stole it.



If you come across any of the parts you see on the bike or the bike as a whole please please please help me get it back.

I would offer a handsome reward for info leading to its retrieval.

You can email me @

Andrew Uerling


  1. Christopher says:

    I swear I live in fear of that. Am gonna end up with the thing next to my bed at night.
    All bike thieves should die.

  2. Joe says:

    Hope you find it and get a chance to give the perp a life changing makeover.

  3. lil gromit says:

    we dont tell what we do to bike thieves in oz, but they never do it again, hehehe, nice bike, hope she returns

  4. anthony says:

    Man that sucks. Beautiful bike man. Hope it comes back unmolested.

  5. toe. says:

    that sucks dude! killer bike.
    hope it finds its way back to you whole!

  6. Grease Nipples says:

    The work of identity thieves.

  7. tim says:

    hope you get it back ,and find the prick that took it,

  8. Matt! says:

    I cant stand the thought of someone just strolling up and saying, “Hey im going to take this.” and all of your hard work and saving up money just to be gone the next morning. From the look of the bike i can tell it wasnt cheap. Cool bike bro, im looking all of the web for it. Hope you get it back.

  9. James K. Irmert says:

    I’ve recently noticed alot of chops getting stolen, which is absolutely horrible. One of the things I fear when I get my bike running, which is why I intend on looking into somehow affixing it with a gps unit, so I can track it online, incase my fears come true and I have to try and track it down.

  10. Sean from boston says:

    I rember when you first buit this bike I’m sorry itwas stolen, I promise if I see any signs of it I will let you know

  11. Jbreeze702 says:

    I know this is off topic but what is the wheel/tire setup on this bike?

    I’m starting a build and I want similar wheels this this bike.

  12. Jbreeze702 says:

    to this bike*

  13. Andrew says:

    haha….they are wheels off a 98 harley road glide 16″ rims me 880 marathon white walls dont remember the exact size rear is a 250 i think….

  14. Jbreeze702 says:

    Nice.. I figured it was something like that. How hard was it to get them to fit? and is the disc on the rear the harley disc and brake too?

    My other thought was to find another xs650 rear wheel and have it spoked to the front hub.. ?

    nice looking bike… hope you get it back.

    you can never have anything cool without someone thinking they deserve it more than you.

  15. Andrew says:

    I had a machinist make axle bushings and spacers to make them work for me, it was real simple. The rear disk and entire brake system is off a harley. The sprocket is one I picked up at a farm store regular 530 chain, that I had a machinist drill out the hub and bolt pattern, because I couldnt find a harley sprocket small enough. Some bastard has my bike and has no idea what kind of time thought and love was put into it…….live and learn I guess….

  16. Jbreeze702 says:

    Wow. So it definitely wasn’t just a bolt them deal. If I come across a set I will definitely do this. I not I still might just get another rear rim and have it laced to the front hub. Thanks for the info

    I hope you get your bike back. Seems like you have a ton of time and energy into it.

  17. Uncle Bear says:

    I hope you get your bike back. I really like what you did to it. Whoever took your bike should be the main course on the coyotes menu.

  18. Dave says:

    I have been riding and working on bikes for many decades now. I just ran across this site and really like what you have done with the build on this bike. If you ever get your hands on the guy or guys that took this bike they deserve a severe ass whoopin or cut their frigging hands off so they can’t steal another damned thing.

    Take care Bro. Dave.

  19. mathew brickhouse says:

    First thing first the bike is bad to the bone!!!! I have recently started my first 650 build about 4 weeks ago and Im on craigs list here In Virginia Beach almost everynight. I search parts from North Carolina to New Jersey and I have been keeping an eye Out for your bike I truelly hope its returned to you.

  20. Ted says:

    Yo Andrew. Man; that really sucks. It’s not just the money that goes into putting a bike together you put in time looking for just the right parts to use. Maybe the guy that stole it will try to list it on eBay or Craig’s list or something and you can nail him.

  21. HAPPY DAN says:

    Hope you had it insured right. Still sucks though.If you do have to build another one let me know,I will help you out.Good luck!

  22. Andrew says:

    I just had liability on it, so there will be no help from the insurance company……. I would love to build another but thats kind of hard to consider that right now since I had made that one just the way I wanted it….thanks