Starting from Scratch


It’s been SEVERAL years since I built a custom bike, but I’ve got a 15 years old son interested in riding one now. We built a frame jig with help from a machinist friend (sitting on the bike in the pics) and have been putting pieces together for about 6 months. It’ll be done on the cheap, but fortunately I had the springer front end and wheels from another bike to give the project a boost.


We’ll likely be starting another one before this one is complete so that we can ride together, but it’ll be a shorter, tube front end, maybe 16″ wheels w/5″ tires front and rear with drag bars. My young son is insistent on throwing on some bling and I’m resisting. We’ll see who wins out.

If it turns out well, we’ll be willing to make frames for others. We’ll keep posting from time to time. We’re in the Pacific Northwest.

Doug Barnes


  1. theirie1 says:

    That’s stretch out. What is the rake on that beast. I like the look. Keep building.

  2. Troy Thompson says:

    I too like that raked look.. How long is your front end?

  3. anthony says:

    where in the pac nw are u guys?

  4. Billyboy says:

    Pretty dam sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats kinda what Im shootin for with mine!!! 😉

  5. Luke says:

    Looks like the pegs are going to drag and pogostick that thing like crazy. even just sitting on the kick stand it looks like theyre only like 2″ off the ground. yikes..

  6. armando says:

    nice chopper clean n’ sweet

  7. Dave says:

    Man I like it. Not bad at all. Very good looking bike. I have adopted a 650 and will be starting it soon after the Harley and Triumph are done. I wanted to get some ideas and I really like the way this bike ended up.

    Take care. Dave.

  8. Mark says:

    Did you finish yet? Lets see the finished ride?