Shawn’s- xs FInally finished!


7 years in the making, it’s finally finished. 1981 XS650 Special II Street Tracker. It’s not perfect, but I built it on my own. Rebuilt from the ground up, all new bearings, seals, engine freshened up with new rings, valve seals, and all new seals. Lots of parts from Mike’s.


Hotwing seat, Mikuni VM36’s. Small battery (3 amp/hour), but possibly too small- b%$@h to start cold, one kick when warmed up; I think it may need a bigger battery. I don’t know how some of the chopper guys run small batteries without having trouble starting. Pamco ignition.


Braced swingarm, aluminum numberplates, scratch-built wiring harness with nothing but the necessities. Paint by myself- at night in the garage! Took too long to build, cost too much money. Once I can get it to start easy enough, should be a fun ride.




  1. tadd442 says:

    Looks mean…

  2. Sean from boston says:

    Fun looking bike for sure!

  3. bigpup says:

    Paint came out real nice, great job. One of the nicest street trackers I’ve seen. How do you like the 2-1 exhaust? Nice fork brace too!

  4. Broman says:

    I love choppers but at the same time I have ridden sport bikes and know that they are a lot of fun. This bike looks like a ball and biscuit. I can picture it with clubmans or going more dirt tracker style but either way you slice it I would love to ring this one out on a nice curly road…


  5. Reeb! says:

    Cool street rig!

  6. Shawn says:

    2-1 exhaust is loud. Definitely not a Sunday morning kinda bike. Exhaust sits rather close to rear brake pedal, had to rotate it up a notch on it’s pivot. Took it out on the road a few days ago.What a difference when compared to my ’09 ER-6n Kawi. Feels archaic, but is pretty quick. Tranny doesn’t like to find neutral- too late to fix that. Can’t wait to take it out on a longer ride.

  7. Ted says:

    @ Shawn – The paint looks great. It is the same color green as my car. “Tranny doesn’t like to find neutral- too late to fix that.” You probably already tried it but you can adjust the clutch by a screw underneath the chrome cap next to the gear selector. Adjusting it could help with finding neutral.

  8. chris says:

    @ Shawn

    What size wheels/tires are those (brand of tire?), and did you change the rear ride height any?

    I keep coming back to pics of your bike as the direction I want to go with my project.

  9. Shawn says:

    Stock 16/19 wheels, rear shocks slightly longer (from Mikes, not the longest ones he sells), front end lowered about 3/4″ by raising the forks in the clamps. Tires are Maxxis Promaxx front and rear.
    Update: took bike out for first official ride. Very fun, loud, quick. I may have to keep this one.