Hello. my name is Luke Cook. I’m 18 years old from Illinois. I have posted on here before but much of what i had to show was crude and unfinished, The bike is now ride able and is my daily driver. This bike was given to me by my brother. When i got the bike it was almost totally stock (minus a lot of parts that were lost through the years i suppose.) I hadn’t know too much about the building of motorcycles or gotten too far into the fabrication side of much of anything. This has been quite the learning experience let me tell ya. I started looking at ideas online for what i wanted to do with bike. I looked at many Iron Horse magazines as well. I realized that what really needed to happen was lowering and a hard tail. those were my main goals.


I came up with the hard tail when i realized my budget was really tight for the build. like really really tight, i knew that it would be possible to make a nice hard tail myself but i was concerned with the lack of a truing type of stand. i didn’t want the rear wheel to be dog tracking or way out of line because i knew that was going to just really mess it all up. so i found some black tubing in the attic of the garage i was using at the time and simply welded it to the slot for the rear suspension and brought it up to the base of the old frame section i had hacked earlier.  i had the bike sitting on a tool box witch was about the right ride height that i had anticipated. i figured if i did it this way it would keep the original spec of the wheel and allow it to be true but also be a hard tail.

After the bulk of the work was done i was given a sporty tank from a guy with a bunch of street bikes. ( what was he gonna use it for anyways.) i made the seat pan from a street sign that was also in the garage. i cut a basic shape of a seat to fit my ass and the pounded it into shape and worked it nicely to fit just right. i used a ford ranger leaf spring to rig up a spring-ish seat stand. its the one thing that people say would seem the worst but its really not bad. i cut notches into it to weaken it up and ride a tad softer. the bike has electronic ignition so no points but i had to figure out a place to put the ignition unit so i found a large tomato juice can to put it in. At this point im not exactly proud of the electrical. i would much rather it be cleaner. im working on it. i mounted the reg/rec on the chain guard because i thought it looked nice there with the cooling fins and all but lets face it. there really wasn’t any other convenient spot for it. the rear
fender was hacked from the orginal just shorted up and welded to the swing arm and i put some stays on it to keep it from rattling off. the headlight is a 1950s fog light of some sort. it was given to me and i built a bracket to hold it in place i believe off the horn mount.
I am running no front brake and it works out fine but in case there is anyone that has a drum front wheel assembly i will buy it. my email will be at the end. all in all the bike cost me 25$ to build. (told you it was a tight budget)

So i guess hears what opinion i am looking for.. I want to know if redoing the paint and actually doing this bike up with some black wheels with a puke green lip would look good and the tank the same green? Or is leaving it a better choice? i need some input because at car shows its a 50/50 of leave it or redo it. So feedback would be awesome. Thanks for looking! my email is if anyone had particulars they’d like to share or the whole wheel thing. Thanks again!


  1. Sean from boston says:

    Can’t beat that for 25 but I Would buy a real hard tail kit (saggy reasons) how does it ride?

  2. Max says:

    Leave it how it is. Building the bike like you did is what bobbing is all about. Ride the piss out of it.

  3. theirie1 says:

    Gives you that old school feel. like it.

  4. danNar says:

    I would defidently leave it how it is. the bike looks great… super raw.

  5. earz says:

    $25? That’s awesome. You need to ride that thing past every chromed out bike you see with your middle finger flyin’ high.

    Looks great man, but I’m curious how you mounted the leaf spring on the seat. I’ve been toying with that idea for quite some time now. I was planning on using a small trailer leaf.

  6. leadfist says:

    hey man-

    just to give you my input… and to keep you safer on your ride… you’re gonna want to support the underside of that swingarm. the downward force is going to crack that top tubing running to your swingarm. secondly, that black tubing will crack for sure… might not right away, but it will eventually. you always want to use DOM tubing for structural use. just commenting from my experience, take it or leave it, and hopefully spare you some trial and error that may take the fun outta your build.

    good luck and keep building!

  7. tadd442 says:

    Bottom Line:
    MAKE SURE ITS SAFE! (Then ride it till the wheels fall off!)