I found this bike locally sitting on a guys side yard of his house under a tarp. Once I got it back to the shop I decided that I was going to build myself a Bratstyle bike out of it since I had sold my “Shop Bike” XS.A week after I got it to the shop I got a email from Thomas wanting a Bratstyle XS built, I figured since I was already in the mindset of building one I would use the bike I already had.

The wheels got cut apart and powder coated, I laced in a 21 in the front 16 rear with stainless spokes. Wrapped in some Avon rubber. Lowered the back ind a few inches with some rebel shocks, cut the top frame bar off and bent up some new ones to give it a little drop seat look. Added some chimp bars a axed gas tank and basically cleaned everything up. Then it got leaded in my truck for the 8 hour drive to Los Angeles.

Cannonball Custom Cycles

Ryan Schuppert

xs650 mug
xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana