“L.A. Brat” By Cannonball Custom Cycles


I found this bike locally sitting on a guys side yard of his house under a tarp. Once I got it back to the shop I decided that I was going to build myself a Bratstyle bike out of it since I had sold my “Shop Bike” XS.A week after I got it to the shop I got a email from Thomas wanting a Bratstyle XS built, I figured since I was already in the mindset of building one I would use the bike I already had.

The wheels got cut apart and powder coated, I laced in a 21 in the front 16 rear with stainless spokes. Wrapped in some Avon rubber. Lowered the back ind a few inches with some rebel shocks, cut the top frame bar off and bent up some new ones to give it a little drop seat look. Added some chimp bars a axed gas tank and basically cleaned everything up. Then it got leaded in my truck for the 8 hour drive to Los Angeles.

Cannonball Custom Cycles

Ryan Schuppert


  1. Reeb! says:

    Cool little brat think im going to do one next myself.

  2. bigpup says:

    very cool, looks real good with a 21” up front. I like the seat rail bends, something different.

  3. Shawn says:

    Great looking bike. Love the drop seat look. Where do you keep the battery and what size is it?

  4. Thomas says:

    I have the pleasure of calling this bike my own. Ryan built me a bike that I’ve wanted for a while. I’ve been a Harley guy but secretly I never felt quite right on it. The 650 fits the bill. Ryan delivered an awesome ride and was a very much a cool person to work with from day one to the end. Anyone looking to get some custom work done, look up Ryan at Cannonball Customs. Obviously distance can be an issue but Ryan made it easy to deal with, even volunteering to deliver the bike all the way to LA. I don’t mean to make this sound like an ad so I’ll say that its a pleasure to ride. Nice stance, comfy considering that the shocks are still there. The chimp bars were the way to go. With the drop seat the bars are pretty much shoulder height so my arms are nice and good. I was iffy on the triangle headlight but I’ve since grown to love it. Its bare bones just the way I wanted it. Say hello if you see me ripping through LA!

    Thanks Ryan!

    Shawn the battery is below the seat, by the swingarm.

  5. Wade says:

    Sweet ride I really like the drop seat look I think that’s what is needed on mine2

  6. El Gaucho says:

    Where’s the battery?

  7. cannonball says:

    The battery is underneath where the swing arm attaches to the frame.

  8. norm younger says:

    Where did you buy the bars?