Hand built cool


I always wanted to build my own bike.  I wanted something that I would never have to wash and if it fell over in the parking lot at work and got a little dent, Great a little character!  This is it, call it a rat-bobbor-chopper-ugly I dont care its mine. Picked it up in march of ’09, it was a total basket case.  Two bottom ends, one top, bare frame, and three buckets of parts.  The price was right and it had a title so I couldn’t say no.  


I spent about 14 months piecing it together.  I dont have a garage just a small shed so most of the work was none on the tailgate of my truck or with the help of a buddy at his garage.  I rebuilt the motor, made the sissy bar, foot peg, battery box, and made the exhaust with the help of a friend with a welder(thanks Dave).  I had Kansas Kustoms do the hardtail. I did the tooling and cover the seat.


Skulls and crosses are way over done so I wanted something differant, something to show how much work went into the bike and how much I enjoyed building it. Thats how I came up with the design for the seat Hand Built Cool. Let me just finish by saying how much I enjoy this website.  I visit at least twice a day, just looking for the next bike to be posted.  Hopefully the next one will be mine.




  1. shawn says:

    looks cool bro, i like it!

  2. Sean from boston says:

    Bike looks good I enjoy the tank and that type of springer seat looks good to!

  3. Dan says:

    Outstanding bike. I’m interested to see what you are creating in 10 years. Awesome detail on the leather work and I like the pipes.

  4. Eric Plough says:

    Awsome bike. Cool, kinda ratty and has real character.