Green with Envy


Another Matt J. XS650, Chopped and lowered rear, custom seat, Sparto tailight, Mikuni conversion and much more!!



  1. bigpup says:

    Nice scoot, I like the paint. nice seat too, and are those blinkers at the end of the rear frame rails right behind the seat?

  2. steve96mc says:

    I like this bike a lot, I just got a hardtailed XS on the road and am suffering from a sore back every time I take it out. I am thinking one with shocks would be the way to go. This bike has style, NEED MORE PICTURES of it!!!!!

  3. Sean from boston says:

    Bike looks great!! Love the tank and bars

  4. chris says:

    very nice! i have the same shocks. does your chain rub? nice hiding of the battery. may i ask what type/ size of battery your running? keep it up!

  5. Jonathond says:

    Awesome bike, I really like your front fender. Bike has a great stance too

  6. Greg says:

    Ha! Thats why I’m leaving my shocks on! Great job dude. I was gonna close up the holes on the rear end of my frame, now I might just add some LED’s too.

  7. tim says:

    i always thought tey had to be a hard tail for me to like them, i was wrong, this bike looks great

  8. chris welborn says: