FongBros replica


THE FONG BROS  – DenisWhen I was selling my personal ride on Ebay, I was contacted by a man named Jim, who was interested in buying it. At the end of the auction, he was having some computer issues and wasn’t able to bid.


Soon after, Jim called me up asking if I could build him a replica of the bike, with some small changes. Being 6’5″, he wanted a slightly longer frame. A 4′ stretch tail was added. Also there was a request for a Pamco high output ignition.


I highly recommend this and will probably use one on all my future bikes. Finally, a 12v power outlet was added for plugging in GPS. Overall, the bike came out very similar to mine. Jim made the nearly 7 hour drive from Ohio to Baltimore, Md one day after work, got the bike, and was right back on the road to Ohio.


By the way, he left Ohio at 6pm and got back at 8:30 am, just in time for his buddy who rode along to get to work. Jim got a new bike and I got a new friend.


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  1. theirie1 says:

    I want one… Love it.

  2. Mark says:


    Did you use the xs360/xs400 front end again and swap steering stems? Do you know if all xs400 forks, even the ones with front discs, have the slot to run xs400 front drum brakes? Great bike as usual! Cheers, Mark

  3. jesus says:

    what is the benefit of a xs 400 fork and when are we gonna see that frame build?

  4. Sean from boston says:

    The bike looks crazy, so you approve the ignition then? What’s the difference? Bike looks crazy good

  5. ritzkraker says:

    bad ass … a fong bros. production bike … im going to be needing a quote ,

  6. Rusty Nutz says:

    All hail the Fong Bros.

  7. fongbros says:

    Thanks everyone. Here are all your answers. Yes it has an xs400 front end. The forks for disc brake wheels are not the same and do no have the slug for the drum. I never posted the frame how to because I found a local welder who is doing my frames now. The last one I did myself was on my cream bike. I am about to build another, so I may do it myself and write the article. Yes the ignition is outstanding. The advantage of the xs400 front is it’s a low cost way to use a drum.

  8. jesus says:

    thanks and good stuff!

  9. Rusty Nutz says:

    When you have built one of these, you have to ask yourself, “If I parked this in a Dairy Queen parking lot, would it frighten the parents?” If the answer is yes, then you have done it right.

  10. tadd442 says:

    Dennis, that looks to be a 21″ rim up front, do you have the spoke lengths? I an using a XS400 drum hub as well. Also, what type of rim is that? Any reason I couldn’t use a dirt bike rim?

  11. fongbros says:

    I do not have the spoke length, but I’m sure buchanans (who makes the spokes) does. You can use a dirtbike rim. That’s what they are on this bike. Any 36 hole dirtbike rim should be fine.

  12. ipswevy says:

    When I finish my xs650 build this one will be the inspiration for the second build. Fongbros replica is outstanding!

  13. RRULE says:

    Im loving the yellow lens head light, wanted one for my bike but had to settle for a bulb cover, 4 settling decision ain’t bad. But love the bars and tank they got a good feel to em. I’d be interested in trying out the feel. All in all sweet build man.

  14. fongbros says:

    I just think the yellow lights give the bike that little something extra. I am having an xs delivered soon so the frame article may be coming up.

  15. Idaho chad says:

    once again another beautiful ride! good job Dennis, and thanks for the info on the 400 front end.

  16. jesus says:

    Ok. what I mean is where can I get a yellow light like that to fit my stuff.

  17. fongbros says:

    Ebay. Look for vintage fog light and I try to use ones that are not sealed beam so a 12v bulb can be fitted

  18. Grease Nipples says:

    A Fong Bros replica made by the Fong Bros themselves. The mind boggles.

  19. Mick says:

    I’m not really a fan of your frames but hay its your thing. I am a HUGE fan of how helpful you are to everyone and just wanted to give you some props for being down to help out. Your good people in my book.


  20. The bike looks great, you and your brother build an amazing motorcycle. Stop by the bar again sometime soon

  21. Mark says:


    Will the xs360 triple trees accomodate xs400 forks? Thanks, Mark

  22. denis says:

    Yes its the same tree

  23. Rick says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Daddygcycles ??

  24. McLeod says:

    I’m interested in doing a 4″ stretch frame with 4″ of ground clearance. THe stock TC BROS pre-fab frame is only 3″ of stretch and has 5″ of ground clearance! I’m liking what you did here with the 4″ stretch – I’m curious of two things.

    1. what is the ground clearance?
    2. did you fabricate the rear end section yourself? If so, mind sharing you specs/plans?

    Great build. I’m moving soon, but after that I’m going to be starting into my ’78 XS.