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Jon @ is offering up a free chain tension for this comment contest. All you have to do to enter and win your chain tensioner is leave a comment on any post on the site.

In addition to hand crafted spring loaded chain tensioners Monstercraftsman is now offers sweet biltwell stuff for your Motorcycle project. The Monstercraftsman tensioners automatically adjusts while you ride via a very powerful torsion spring. The tensioner are made to fit the common Yamaha XS650 530 chain size.

leave a comment and you can Win a FREE Chain Tensioner! Commenting “sweet bike” won’t cut it though. You will need to comment at least a sentence to be eligible. That’s it! All you have to do is leave a comment and your e-mail will be automatically entered to win.

We will randomly draw a winner and shoot them an e-mail on- 10/1/2010

Jon @ will ship you your choice of Chain tensioners that sell for $99 – Free.

Anyone in the world can enter as long as we can legally ship to you.

To leave a comment you just have to enter your e-mail address and pick a username.

To enter and win your chain tensioners just leave a comment on any post on



  1. sean from boston says:

    This is a cool thing of you guys to do. also you carry some good products!

  2. Kevin says:

    What??!! New contest!!?? Let me be the first to say that monstercraftsmans tensioner would be a perfect addition to my 650 chop…so here’s a joke for ya.

    Q: What’s the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?
    A: The position of the dirtbag….


  3. john says:

    “and you thought it was just another bar hopper”

  4. Sam Gary says:

    awesome website guys, thanks.

  5. Jon says:

    I really hope I win! just can’t get those tensioners where I live and I hear they are great. Kidding. Good luck everyone and more contests to come.


  6. kirk says:

    i want one…

  7. HAPPY DAN says:

    If we were all the same this world would be a boring place…..

  8. Rusty Nutz says:

    Using a skateboard wheel is a subtle bit of propaganda to get young people interested in bobbers. I sense a conspiracy.

  9. shawn says:

    nice! i want it!

  10. Capt_Zoom says:

    I could definitely use one of those.

  11. theirie1 says:

    I’ll take one!

  12. wally says:

    well well another contest it gets better and better here.
    great work guys on the contests i hope we get more of these.

  13. Earz says:

    Wow, I’d really like to win that, but how do you enter?


  14. Ron says:

    It would look great on the XS Roadster I am building now. It should tackle the 4.5″ swing arm stretch and keep the slap off the paint. What do you think?

  15. joe wiseguy says:

    i have used several different chaing tensioners on my builds over the years. however the ones that have held up and worked the best are the ones i got from jon at monstercrafstman. by far the easiest to set up and weld in place, put on the chain, set the tension and forget them. the last 4 builds we have done all have this model. thanks for the good product.

  16. bigpup says:

    Definetely a quality product, I would be proud to put one of your chain tensioners on my scoot. Great product and made in the U.S. will probably order one even if i don’t win it.

  17. tim says:

    i could really use one of your tensioners, i have a lot of vibration and slap, bad enuff that the chain is rubbing my exhaust where it crosses thru the frame, i could send before and after pics, i would be a perfect advertisement, hint, hint…..thanks ….i love this web site

  18. Carl M says:

    I’m building my first xs650 frame is welded engines next. once i’m read win or not i will be putting one on my bike and i will by yours….great website and example videos.

  19. jeff says:

    i have no idea what your guys secret is, but i hate my xs650…its such a lemon…seems like everyone says theirs runs like a champ, kicked over 1st try after sitting in a barn for 20 years and was super cheap to build…my bike doesn’t even run 50% of the time and has already had close to $4000 dumped into it (over a 2year build), which is cheap if you are comparing it to those bikes that cost more than my car…but if you are paying bills that come with having a house, wife and kids (and the added cost of supplies of a special needs kid), theres nothing cheap about it…your freedom machine becomes the exact opposite…anyone on here want to buy a $4000 lemon?

  20. Clint says:

    Cool site and very inspirational for us backyard builders. Love the Fong bros bikes. Love all the different styles. Giving away free parts is sweet. Good lookin site and generous, what a combo.

  21. Grease Nipples says:

    Jeff, my opinion: the thing to do is plan first. Break the bike down into subsystems ie charging, lights, ignition, frame, carburetors, tank, etc. Do first things first. Don’t spend $ on new tires until the hardtail is done for instance. Buy tires last even; they might be old by the time your build is done anyway; if you wait then they’ll be fresh when you are ready. Then do the next thing that makes sense, building the bike in an order of operations. Don’t put cu$tom bling on it like a chrome maltese cross or pearl custom shop paint. Use the old throttle, levers, and headlight if they are still good for now. Motor hop-ups can wait (except the sump filter which must be patched right away). Be patient and do things one at a time. Don’t put a trick ignition on it if your black box still works for the time being. Don’t open the motor up while you wait for the hardtail to come back; you might botch something. When the frame comes back, you’ve got a roller. Next, do what has to be done to get it street legal ie tank, directionals, tires, fenders, brake lights. Use the stock forks. Some guys have parts lying around or friends with free parts and tools; the rest of us have to cough up some dough. Paint can wait (lots of good examples of the rusty look), or get two cans of $3 Krylon. Once it has a plate on it, you can do the next thing that gives you security, like a new ignition or alternator. Don’t go to the next subsystem until the previous one is done. IOW, don’t scatter your attention and money doing two things at once, there are too many distractions and subsystems. Like, don’t send away for new fork springs yet due to boredom while waiting for the welder. Think cheap, be patient, do one thing at a time. Lots of guys build barebones barhoppers for well under $2000, and some guys do even better, depending on what the donor cost them. $1500 might even do it. Mine started right up with a carb cleaning and fresh battery. And promptly over revved as soon as it warmed up. I don’t yet trust it, I expect issues, they are 30 years old now, but that’s the cost of an education for ya. Always ask for free advice online before you spend any money. They are almost as simple as a lawnmower, and there are free experts online for every subsystem on them. Don’t let yourself get over excited or financially overextended. Most of us aren’t going to be as good as gonzadeath, Fong Bros., blacksmithbilly, the guys from Holland, and many others, on our first build. Go slow. It is still a beautiful world.

  22. Matt D says:

    This looks like a nice product. I will be putting one on my XS650 hardtail project.

  23. ludwig says:

    i love the videos of the gear and sk8 wheel tensioner. They look like good, solid, quality products. I’d love to own one.

  24. jeff says:

    thanks for the concern grease nips and Ted…i actually do have a manual, it came with the bike :)…i also have a mechanic buddy whos been helping me out…. …it sounds like i’ve already followed most of your guys advice, i just probably had too high of expectations…hoping to have it ready soon, so i can get some pictures on here….thanks again, jeff

  25. Grease Nipples says:

    I felt bad as soon as I posted my long comment because here I am, the poor guy spends $4k on his freedom machine and I come along and point out how stupid he is. But that’s not really my point at all. I meant planning is half the fun of the build. Personally, I wouldn’t ride any long distances, I’d go cheap and ride in town just to conserve dough until I figure out what comes next to get it running good. The CV carbs get a lot of bad press, a lot of people don’t like them, but they can do for the time being. Flatslides would be nice, but they can wait. I know me, and I know I’m exactly like the guys who spend too much; I get scattered and go in circles. It may be true that I’m *assuming* they get scattered, but come on, how else do you spend 4k? IMO, bikes like “Just Another Barhopper,” have the spirit of the build. It’s like a mixdown in a recording studio, where you can over-produce by adding too much to the mix, where the thing to do is take away until you are left with just the essentials. Many bikes don’t look meaner by adding to them. There’s such a thing as diminished returns when I compare an unpainted bike to a shiny bike and decide I prefer the rusty one better. Paint is good too, but a local guy told me the pearl stuff is almost $500 a quart, and that’s before application. Sometimes I see a great build and don’t even notice at first that the guy has used the stock headlight. Then I’m left scratching my head asking myself how the hell he got away with doing that. What made it work despite the headlight? Low is good, lots of good low builds, but don’t forget Ironheads have a high ground clearance, and they look fine. I never would have noticed that if I hadn’t spent hours staring at the builds. Spending too much and spoiling your own fun really should be the first thing to avoid.

  26. Ted says:

    Earz – Congratulations, looks like you are the winner! I sent you an e-mail and informed Jon @ monstercraftsman. These types of contests are great. We get some exposure for our advertisers and someone ends up with a free part plus it helps build a better site.

    Thanks to for sponsoring.

  27. Grease Nipples says:

    I demand a recount!


  28. tim says:

    congratulations earz, you lucky devil

  29. BLACKWIDOW says:

    Bummer I missed it I need one of these. On my last bike the chain slap hit my electrical box and I thought it was engine knock boy did I feel dumb

  30. Harold Bartholow says:

    Idler wheel? Naa thats my boot spurs.

  31. Björn says:

    Well – built my own tensioner with no fancy tools – not very nice looking so please send me one of yours…..!!!