BRAT on a budget


Well i bought the bike for 200 bucks and it was in rough shape so heres what i had to do.  I cut rear section of frame off and had my friends at Twisted Choppers make me new seat rails and shock mounts.  I then used 85 honda rebel shocks to slam it 2 inches.  


The previous owner had cut the downtubes and raised them two inches which gave it ten degrees more rake so i had to find forks that would fit the length which i found in a set of 78 honda 250 dirtbike forks that i had to mod so that the stock wheel and axle would work.


I made the seat and the batt box which i welded a mount for just in front of the rear wheel at the bottom of the frame.  I made an electrical box that is under the seat that holds the rectifier, regulator, fuse box, on/off switch(no key) and the head light switch.  I had to make mounts for the headlight( an old harley panhead) and the brake light switch.



I cut the mufflers off the exhaust to give it the sound i wanted(LOUD) and put some honda 750CC pins needles and seats in the carbs and xs airpods on the carbs for a little more pep.  A brand new Sportster peanut tank with a high flow petcock and the STOP taillight i got off ebay. I bought brand new hand controls and bars from Lowbrow customs.  Painted the engine with heat resistant grill paint and painted the bike in Alloy silver and powder coated the rims and hubs.  And thats all she wrote to become what u see here.

John Wudel


  1. Lefty says:

    John your bike turned out great. Nice work man. Escpecially those seat sections. Whoever did them must have been a total badass. Bring it by the shop sometime, I’m getting ready to wire a 78 i recently hardtailed. Id like to see what all you did with your wires.

  2. Sean from boston says:

    Hey that’s a GREAT looking bike, exactly like what I was doing to mine, what rear shocks are those? And what kind of throttle cable is that? Only thing I would change is the front forks (personal) but for a “budget” brat…. Just wow

  3. Sean from boston says:

    I guess I ment to say what is the throttle off of? Maybe lol again bad ass bike!

  4. Johnny says:

    O icic. Well the throttle assembly i got from Lowbrow customs brand new. They have some killer products for xs’s.

  5. Josh says:

    Is that an SD plate I see? I’m building a brat for my lil’ bro in spearfish right now. thats the first south dakota XS I’ve seen, sweet lookin’ scoot.

  6. ken says:

    love this bike. brat style is what xs 650s were made for.

  7. sean from boston says:

    do you know what type of metal they used on the seat rails?, and Do i see a Vw motor in the back round? lol

  8. Aaron says:

    Great bike! Definitely like how the seat seams to be in the air. Thanks for posting the before and after pics.

  9. Joshua Rasmussen says:

    Great job,good color choices

  10. Dawson Brown says:

    Hey man!!! Beautiful bike!!! I’m in Edmonton Alberta Canada & was wondering if you could detail for me how you did your frame and seat rails/ shocks ect I will be doing a very similar build this spring and need some advice

  11. DJ bjp says:

    Great build, Im about to start about the same build here in a few days. So i may need some advice if possible. Thanx bro

  12. johnnyxs says:

    haha yeah it is a vw motor in the back. it went into a trike. yes i am in south dakota and i agree you hardly ever see xs’s around here! im not sure on what gauge metal they used for the seat rails i just told them the specs i wanted and they did the rest. i just started a hardtail xs for this winter so stay tuned for that!