Back from the dead (almost)


This is my 82 special that I got for $200.00 from an estate sale 7 years ago. The bike was an un molested example and could have easily been cleaned up and run. NOPE! I jumped right in and tore it down to the frame, then life happened as it tends to.


The shop got dirty and the bike took a back seat to whatever life threw at me. I cleaned out the shop and got back to work by adding a Kansas Kustoms tail, then that damn shop got dirty again (is there a pattern here). Another year and another cleaning got the custom pipes built, the wheels put on, installed the flat fender and stainless sissy bar. I now had a roller and a dirty shop……


Once again getting back to it and seem to have a good bit of momentum going, my goal is to have it running by the end of the year. I am waiting on a few parts like carb rebuild kits, exhaust gaskets and a coil. The most recent additions are the TC Bros. forward controlls that I modified to use as mids, sort of.


They are mounted well forward of the stock pegs and well back of the forward position. I cut an inch and a half from each peg mount to narrow them and drilled another hole to line up with the exhaust mounts. Got the linkage sorted for the shifter, although the throw is a bit long I think I can live with it. Also welded up a T bar for the seat and tabs for the lil shock. Thats all for now but more to come….. soon, I promise.


  1. tadd442 says:

    The first pic looks as if you have a sink balancing on your sissy bar….lol

    Is that spring for the seat a bit stiff? Good to hear you got the build-itch back…looks good, keep the pics comin!

  2. Rad Ventures says:

    Good idea with the mid controls, is that painted brown or just alot of surface rust?

  3. Eric Plough says:

    Tadd, I kinda liked the sink on the sissy bar, but that is kind of a strange place for it so I had to get rid of the hole thing. I have changed the rear fender and am liking the look. As far as the spring is concerned, I am sure it will be a bit stiff, thats why I am mounting it at an angle as apposed to vertical to increase the leverage on the spring so that it will require less weight to compress it.
    Rad, thanx I like the controlls too and no that is not paint it’s surface rust, but I am thinking about just scuffing it and clearing over the rust, could be kind of an interesting finnish.

  4. Reeb! says:

    Bet that’s hard to find netural.

  5. ROODIS says:

    Bike looks good so far and I think if you just made that rod longer and shortened the original gear shift you would be in good shape, you’ll have to turn it back a touch. Good Luck on your build

  6. RJ says:

    looking at the first PIC its a work of art…things I like about this build,,,,,,,blue beer holder built into the gas filler hole,,,,,,,stainless sink mounted to top of sissy bar ( can carry an xtra case on ice ),,,,wood 2×4 neatly placed behind seat for passenger foot rest,,,, thats cool! I would never have thought of any of that stuff. Keep going…its a masterpiece of design!