60s yamaha chop

I have been fooling with old bikes for a while now,was building a 650 bonneville, just to dam expensive,so one day me and shannen were drivin down a country road to an old cemetary to photo some cool stones, any way we passed a welding shop that had a 79 xs and the carcass of a an old xs chop, they had been for sale there for a long time and i almost wrecked turning around, i bought the pair for 250.00 and took off.

I had the hard tail made at 5.5 because i didnt want to deal with a tensioner, i made the siisy out of a bent piece of gas pipe,had to use the mustang, poco springer cost 850.00 but id had to have it, back wheel on it now is a 750 honda, still trying to figure out chain clearance and probably will go with the probolsch kit,send me a message on what you think,its gonna be awsome when i finish it, if ever…

robert lecompt


  1. tadd442 says:

    Looks like you could still clear an underpass…better make the sissy longer…seriously, is that a lamp-post?

    Believe it or not, I dig it.

  2. bigpup says:

    How much does that sissy bar weigh? cool old look to the bike.

  3. tim says:

    i think the bike looks great, love the sissy bar, something different, springer looks good also

  4. Sean from boston says:

    Bike looks great man nice old school chopper feel to it nice attention to deTail

  5. armando says:

    nice old school chop….really nice!

  6. Uncle Bear says:

    Now that is a “Blast From The Past”!

  7. bigman says:

    that is bad ass man i want one now!!!!!!!!!!! i im looking for one e mail if u no were one is

  8. Bill says:

    That’s a cool bike. I have a 83 XS 650 yamaha and want to chop it but don’t know how to get started. Oh well you have a really cool ride. Thanks 4 sharing. Bill