1972 xs650 hardtrail bobber


Ive been working on this bike for quite some time now. Its my first build and Ive done all the work on my own. I am a welder and steel fabricator so the metal work was my specialty.




I am having a hard time starting the wiring though. I don’t really know where to start actually. I hope some of you out there can give me some tips. Is there such thing as a step-by-step instruction to wiring your xs650? Thanks and hope to have this thing running soon!

Jordan Lim


  1. Christopher says:

    Nice work, heres a site that will explain everything you could want to know about wiring bikes, http://www.thefont.info/wiring/wiring1.htm
    and this website has color diagrams and everything else you could want http://www.cyclepsycho.com/yamachopper/wires/wires.html, if your on the chopper underground theres alot of wiring info on xs650’s also youtube setting up a reg/rec combo theres a good video for it, anthing else let me know


  2. Sean from boston says:

    Looking great I like the pipes

  3. PJ says:

    One thing i found out the hard way(From this sight actually) is that you need nylon screws in the alternator or so will make a lot of sparks when you try and run the charging system. It took me a while too, but it is actually fairly easy. There is an old post on this website that shows you were the screws go.(The alternator brushes)

  4. PJ says:

    The three white wires coming out of your engine go to the white wires on the regulator rectifier, the red wire from the reg/rec goes to the bat, the black from the the reg/rec goes to a negative, the green from the engine goes to the green on the reg/rec and the Brown(or black in my case) goes to the brown on the reg/rec and a power source that is hooked up to your key or fuse block(This is where you get sparks if you don’t have the nylon screws) In my case a had a blue wire that did not go anywhere that came from the main harness out of the motor and a yellow wire the was part of but separate from the engine harness that was not needed either. I then ran the battery to a key switch and a wire from the key switch to a power block and ran all of my accessories from that.

  5. Jordan says:

    Thanks so much for all your guys comments and tips. I am going to buy the TC Bros wire harness and a combined solid state regulator/rectifier. Where can someone buy these nylon screws?

    Also have made some new parts for the bike. I will post pics soon. New waterjetted fender struts and a fake oild bag with removable endcaps. I plan to store most of the wiring here.

  6. PJ says:

    Some hardware stores have them, but none in my area had metric ones. You can make standard kinds work, but You can also find them online(though you have to buy a 100 at a time). You tube also has a few good videos of the wiring as well. Once you get started it is really easy.

  7. Jordan says:

    Thanks PJ, you the man!

  8. Grease Nipples says:

    Clean, nice lines, simple, black, basic.

  9. RichieB says:

    I dig your exhaust. What size i.d. pipe is it? Did you fab it yourself, or buy it somewhere?