1972 xs650 hardtail bobber


Ive been working on this bike for quite some time off and on. Finally at the stage to wire it up. I have no experience wiring so this should be fun.



I have made the handlebars, fender struts, headlight brackets, fake oil bag, battery box, exhaust pipes and more. The weld on hard-tail is from TC Bros. Hope to fire it up this fall/winter.



Jordan Lim


  1. tadd442 says:

    Good lookin ride.
    I’m digging the battery box, struts & oil bag, nicely done. The sun has a cool effect on the tank as well.

  2. R-Rod says:

    Hot bike!!! I am starting my build too. Where did you get the foot pegs and foot bracket for your build?

  3. theirie1 says:

    Looking good. I like the detail on the tank.

  4. bigpup says:

    Very nice man, Wanna make me a set of those pipes? a little longer though. Really nice ride. I’m diggin the pipes, bars, and simplicity of the whole build.

  5. Sean from boston says:

    Wow I love the headligh bracket and the rear frender supports bike looks great the details are where it counts and that’s where you’ve got it down. Goood luck with the wiring, but there are plenty of diagrams that should help on the web and even quite a few in thievery website,

  6. Uncle Bear says:

    Cool look’n bike. What did you do for a finish on your tank, never seen anything like that. You get extra points for a kool tank.

  7. Jordan says:

    Thanks so much for all the great comments. I plan on building many more! The foot pegs are from a bmx mail order site flatlandfuel.com , since i am big into that too. I made the brackets for the foot pegs out of aluminum. The paint is actually all done from a spray can. I wet sanded and cleared it too. I may get into making some parts, Once i finish the build i would be interested in making a set of pipes for ya. I have actually changed the oildbag and the fender struts are now way cooler! Ill post pics soon. Keep on building!