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Holy crap XS



I am drunk. I am celebrating the fact that  the 77 frame and 83 motor xs650 i put together has been running consistantly for 3 weeks now. I have owned it for 4 or 5 years and i have put her through the ringer. When she was together and running the first time, I put her on a truck and tried to drive from Sacramento Ca. to Boston Ma. in the middle of the winter. Continue Reading →




This latest bike is based on a 1980 Yamaha XS650. The bike had a super solid motor (160 on each cylinder) that only had 6000 miles on the clock so the motor was left alone. (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it) Continue Reading →

xs 750 h tunning



let the good thimse roll.

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STOLEN! Lincoln NE, keep a look out!



My Bike was stolen Sept. 14 early in the morning. I had it parked in my front yard on a busy street, someone either loaded it in a pickup or trailer, or rolled it down the street. It had 12″ apes white grips and a custom leather seat, and the fender was off when they stole it. Continue Reading →

Fat Randy’s first XS650



This build has been one of my favorite as I have never built a XS650 before. Down here in South Texas the Bobber scene is not very popular. Seems like south of Austin they are very rare. I have my little whole in the wall about 3 hours south of there and have been building bobbers for a little while. Old bikes are also kinda hard to find and the ones you do find are almost all victims to the salt in the are from the ocean. Continue Reading →

60s yamaha chop


I have been fooling with old bikes for a while now,was building a 650 bonneville, just to dam expensive,so one day me and shannen were drivin down a country road to an old cemetary to photo some cool stones, any way we passed a welding shop that had a 79 xs and the carcass of a an old xs chop, they had been for sale there for a long time and i almost wrecked turning around, i bought the pair for 250.00 and took off.

I had the hard tail made at 5.5 because i didnt want to deal with a tensioner, i made the siisy out of a bent piece of gas pipe,had to use the mustang, poco springer cost 850.00 but id had to have it, back wheel on it now is a 750 honda, still trying to figure out chain clearance and probably will go with the probolsch kit,send me a message on what you think,its gonna be awsome when i finish it, if ever…

robert lecompt