Yellow Bobber


Picked this one up on EBay as it was too close to what I had planned for the basket case I’m having trouble getting titled in California.  Guy in NY did the chop using a few Harley parts, hand made side covers, and some nice powder coating on the fenders, chain guard, swing arm and wheels.xs650-chop-noid-xs650_bobber_2

It rides a bit unstable (steering wobbles) above 50mph, so for now is only going back and forth to the pub…  I’ll have to check out the cause of that and fix her as otherwise it’s a great ride.

Steve Salinas


  1. Tommy says:

    I really dont want to start anything, this is a clean bike. But theres really nothing bobber about it. Next to a stock one the only thing that would stand out is the seat. which looks outta place at that. Bobber came from bobbing the fender, lowering the bike and throwing away all the no need for stuff like switches, blinkers, covers and so on.

    This is a nice bike and great start, but I just chring when I hear the word bobber.

  2. sean from boston says:

    I do like the bike It looks awesome, very old school 50’s bike looking… Great bike

  3. Steve says:

    The bike is lowered and the center stand has been deleted. Unfortunately, lowering this ride keeps you from leaning into a turn without sliding and sparking…. Might turn into more of a bobber by Tom’s standards if I keep that up. Maybe should have called it a Yamaharley… but I think that’s been done.
    I sit it next to my stock ’81 xs650 and really, only the engine and controls look similar.
    It turns heads right and left moving and standing still.


  4. David Souza says:

    Just wanted to know what the issues are with California licensing. When I’m looking at bikes from other states I hesitate because California is so capricious.

  5. Steve says:

    If the bike is older than 10 years… then it is just a matter of having it inspected at DMV for the VIN and engine number. With the title from out of state and surender of the license plate (if provided) it goes pretty smoothe (except for the freaking long wait at the DMV office).

    If newer than that they also require the bike have more than 7500 miles and that be verified by the seller signing the Odometer verification form. They also look for the emmisions sticker, although it seems just the presence of the sticker (even 48 state sticker) is enough.

  6. norm younger says:

    Very nice looks factory.