XS650 Ground Pounder


After looking at this site and others at all the xs650 choppers and bobbers I decided to find a bike and try my hand at building my own. The pics show a crude mock up to see what the bike will look like and view the lines. The hard tail is just tacked on and every thing else is being held in place by tape or finger tight bolts.



I have a long way to go and wanted to give back a little and share my progress. I will post more when she gets closer to completion. Comments or suggestions are welcomed good or bad!


Before this bike saw my sawzall it was a 1982 Heritage.  Build is: G&L Hardtail 4″ stretch, 18″ 180mm rear, 21″ harley front, 2 under DNA springer, G&L Faux oil can/battery holder.

Tony Hines


  1. Sean from boston says:

    Bike looks great! Very good progress and I love the back Tom only thing I don’t like is the skinny front but that’s just my oppinion however on this style it goes well keep up the very good work!

  2. scott says:

    i like it, nice job, i used a G&L hard tail as well and the only thing i had trouble with was spacing the rear wheel but the guys at G&L helped me and after that it was a breeze, keep in mind as well the gas tank needs space off the back bone other wise it will rub the frame. make sure you cut enough out of the rear fender for the chain as well i had to cut a painted fender, cut more then less. lock tight everything!

  3. sean from boston says:

    how’s the progress going?

  4. theirie1 says:

    I love the stance and what you are doing with the project. Would like to see a side view.

  5. fanoboss says:

    The lines are really nice, I would like to see the side view w/no angle. I can tell you studied your lines for a while. The ass shot is AWESOME !!! My FAVORITE is the SHINY GAS TANK and FENDER !!!!! and I HATE CHROME !!!! LOL tc : )>

  6. norm younger says:

    Great lines any new pics to share?

  7. fanoboss says:

    Cool bike, has this bike had any update pics ?