(Update) Chopper Re-Chop! 1972 XS 650


Been busy for a while, but i’m back on the project! Have the base for my frame jig built and painted. Got the chopper frame almost bare (only the motor left) and have the beginnings of a street tracker XS frame ready to throw the motor in so I have something to ride while the Re-Chopping continues.




I’m sending in some new pix to show where i’m at…

PS. I picked up 3 complete parts bikes on E-Bay last week so now I have 5 XS 650’s a 72,77,79,80 & 81. I guess you could call that XS to Excess!

Crazy Tony


  1. kalle says:

    yeah kick the people already laying down, why dont you!! ;D
    “I have five”… I mstill trying to find my first at a resonable price.
    In Sweden they seem to think 1200 bucks is ok for a crapheap…

  2. Crazy Tony says:

    Hey Kalle,
    Take it easy, The 3 bikes i picked up are no beauties 2 seized motors 1 no compression, 3 rotted rims…. But lots of parts. I’m trying to Build a few bikes for my riding pleasure and i have a buddy or two who will share in my good fortune. Look at all the bikes being chopped to bits on E-bay for the sake of profit. Those people see dollar signs where you and i see a beautiful motorcycle. If you lived next door to me i would give you one just to get you started. I had a buddy sell me a 1972 Triumph Boniville 650 for $800 and bought 64 Norton 750 Atlas from another friend for $200. So don’t give up hope. I was not bragging… I was just realy happy! Sorry if I came off as an @$$h0l3…

  3. tadd442 says:

    If being fortunate makes you sound like an @$$h0l3, than I’m guilty as well…Just got an unmolested ’72 XS with title for $40…I had to talk him down from $50!

  4. Crazy Tony says:

    Good deal.. You Gunna post a pic?