Here is a bike that has just been finished up & is ready for the summer riding season.
I started with a 1978 Yamaha 650 that had a measley 5000 miles on the odometer.
The engine has a solid 155 on each cylinder, and runs great.
The original points system has been replaced with an electronic ignition system, and a high output coil. This bike has some serious spark.
Re-built & rejetted BS38 carbs have been used on this bike.
I tore the bike down to the bare frame, and did several frame modifications.
Then everything got sand blasted & powdercoated.
There is no paint on this bike to chip off. It’s all powder coated.
Several custom parts have been fabricated specifically for this bike. Things like the chain wheel instrument housings, and the custom tail light assembly are just a couple examples of this.

You can set yourself apart from the crowd, and ride a custom built bike without having to sell the farm to do so.

Just about everything has been replaced with new parts
a list of the parts are:

•       New tires.
•       New brake shoes & pads.
•       New stainless steel brake lines.
•       New gaskets & seals.
•       New fluids.
•       New cables.
•       New filters.
•       New Bates style solo seat
•       New handle bars.
•       New grips.
•       New mirrors.
•       New foot pegs.
•       New H4 halogen headlight.
•       New L.E.D. taillight.
•       New KYB shocks.
•       New high output sealed battery.
•       New Speedometer & Tachometer.
•       New levers.

I’m certain there’s more I’m forgetting. But I have all the reciepts for everything if a person would want to see them.

The bike is for sale for $3,500.00

I do not accept checks, and I’m not interested in any trades.

I will not ship the bike unless the buyer accepts the costs for that, and provides verifiable contact information.

Local transport can be arrainged if needed.

if interested in the bike please call or e-mail
(425) 823-4374

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